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Santorini is famous for its unique beaches. Instead of the "ordinary" sandy beaches there are also black-pebbled beaches, which a result of a past volcanic eruption, and the famous Red Beach, near Akrotiri, with its red-coloured sand. Water is most of the times quite deep, 2m from the shore the depth can be already more than 3m, and quite cold, but the crystal clear water will more than compensate you. The great majority of the beaches are well organised with umbrellas and sun beds and many them have sea sports facilities.

Red Beach (near Akrotiri)

Near the archaeological site of Aktotiri lies the Red Beach (Kokkini Paralia in Greek). The scenery is really breathtaking; bold red lava cliffs surrounding the black sandy beach and the clear blue sea. For those who like excursions, there are boats that leave from Akrotiri to nearby beaches that lie across the south western coast.


Kamari beaches is the biggest beach on the island and one of the biggest in Cyclades as it stretches for 5km along the eastern coast of the island. All along the beach travelers can find hotels, tourist shops, restaurants, taverns, cafes and beach bars. For the sea sports lovers there is a great range of water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing or paddleboats. Kamari is easily reached by bus from Fira, as there are frequent itineraries, especially during the summer.


North of Kamari, on the eastern coast, is the beach of Monolithos. It is quieter than other Santorini beaches, however travellers can find all comforts they may need. It is suitable for families.


Ammoudi and Armeni are two beautiful beaches found near Ia. Ammoudi is situated directly below Ia, on the northwest tip of the island while Armeni is little further on the south.


Perissa is one of the most popular beaches in Santorini found at the southeastern tip of Santorini. Its black lava sand and the clear deep blue water complete the magnificent scenery. Guests can easily find hotels, apartments, restaurants, taverns, cafes and beach bars. In Perissa one of the two camping sites of the island is located, while the other is in Fira. There are also sea sports facilities available.


Perivolos is another nice beach, located on the southern tip of the island, with several beach bars that are open from the morning till the early eveing hours. There are also small taverns and rooms to let near the beach. This is the beach to go if you like having a drink and listening to mainstream music just after your swim. greece sea view


In the Perivolos area, you can find the quiet fishing village Vlihada which is famous for its hospitality.The beach of Vlihada offers a perfect spot for those who wish to avoid big crowds.

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