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Local Cuisine

In Greece, like in all Mediterranean countries, people follow the Mediterranean diet. The most basic ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine is olive oil, which is beneficial for the health and especially for the heart giving a special and unique taste to Greek food. Apart from olive oil the basic grains produced in Greece are barley and wheat. The most popular Greek dishes include Moussaka and Pastitsio, which are oven baked, Souvlaki and Gyros which are roast meat (pork or chicken) usually on pita bread with the famous tzatziki sauce. The most popular deserts are Baklava, Ghalatoboureko, Loukoumia and Loukoumades. Finally, one should not forget that Greek cuisine is famous for its appetizers, which are called Meze (and are the quivalent of the Spanish Tapas). Such appetizers include serveral kinds of meat, cheese or other delicasies and all these together make a "mixed dish" (which is called pikilia). Appetizers are very often served with ouzo, the most popular traditional Greek drink, but can also be served with wine and arrack.

Mykonos is a representative example of the Greek gastronomy and is famous for a wide variety of appetizers like kopanisti, ksinotira, louza and sausages.

Kopanisti is a kind of cheese, which is produced from the milk of home-grown animals, after repeated fermentation. It is a special cheese, famous for its great, spicy taste and its strong aroma. Kopanisti is an appetizer that may accompany ouzo or wine. It is served with bread or with tomato and cucumber salads. Although it can be found in other Cyclades islands, kopanisti that is produced in Mykonos is the most delicious. Other delicacies which are enjoyed by both Greek and foreign gourmets alike are local sausages and louza. Louza (or louzes in plural) is produced from cooked pork meat with salt, pepper and other spicies. It is a special and unique appetizer and is served in thin, red roasted slices. Bouboulo is the small louza with a less spicy taste. For dessert one should definitely try the amygdalota of Mykonos, with their special aroma and drink the famous soumada, which is a traditional non-alcoholic refreshing drink.

Recommended Restaurants of Mykonos

Paradise Restaurant

Serves a great variety of Greek and international dishes with failing to satisfy vegetarian only diets. All served products are organically grown but the meal doesn't loose its tastiness. The environment is very friendly, the service is very quick and the menu changes daily. It is the best option for casual and low budget occasions.


This tavern is one of the most popular taverns at the port of Mykonos. Most times it is full of customers because it is the most suitable place to try the typical Greek cuisine. All dishes are delicious and the prices are very reasonable.


If you want to dine in a special and extraordinary environment, you are at the right restaurant. Mamacas is located in the courtyard of an old state-owned residence and its interior offers a combination of traditional and aristocratic elements. It is the best choice for a special night with elegant dishes.


It is located in Panormos beach, in a unique sea-side spot. It offers a variety of innovative dishes, desserts and cocktails. If you are looking for something different on the "island of winds", this is a very good choice.mykonos fish


It is located at the port, beside the sea and is open 24 hours a day serving breakfast, coffee and several tasty dishes. You will have the opportunity to try various Greek dishes from meat to fish or salads at very reasonable prices.

Cafè Ristorante La Piazzetta

La Piazzetta is a unique place. It is located in a marvelous courtyard in the heart of Mykonos Town. Sitting in the restaurant, you'll be able to enjoy the finest italian specialities and drink premium wine, in the most comfortable and friendly environment.


This restaurant can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding visitors. Customers are given a number of options on where to sit between a beautiful terrace, the street front or the restaurant's interior. The level of service is excellent as is the food without being over priced. mykonos picture

List of Mykonos Restaurants


  • Alefkandra, Little Venice. +30 2289022450
  • Alexis, on the highway. +30 2289027494
  • Alvento, Art Museum. +30 2289024334
  • Antoninis, Manto Square. +30 2289022319
  • Apaloosa, Mavrogenous str. +30 2289027086
  • Arxeon, Kalogera str. +30 2289079256
  • Avra, Kalogera str. +30 2289022298
  • Barkia, Kouzi Georgouli str. +30 2289022563
  • Caesar, Goumenio Square. +30 2289023104
  • Cathedral, Mitropoleos str. +30 2289023265
  • Chez Marias, Kalogera str. +30 2289027565
  • Edem, by Panachrantou Church. +30 2289022855
  • El Greco, Tria Pigadia Square. +30 2289022074
  • En Plo, Port. +30 2289023012
  • Eva's Garden, Kalogera str. +30 2289022160
  • Blue Ginger,Argirina. +30 2289027602
  • Il Parmiigano, Lakka Square. +30 2289027177
  • Il Parmigiano, Ornos Beach. +30 2289026843
  • La Busola, Lakka Square. +30 2289026348
  • La Casa, Matogianni str. +30 2289024994
  • La Maison De Catrine, Dilou str. +30 2289022169
  • La Taverna Italiana, Lakka Square. +30 2289026540
  • Lotus, Matogianni str. +30 2289022881
  • Mamacas, Agia Ana. +30 2289026120
  • Marco Polo, Lakka Square. +30 2289022126
  • Narcissus, Kalogera str. +30 2289028360
  • Nikos Tavern, Ag. Ioanninou str. +30 2289024320
  • Pelekan, Goumenio Square. +30 2289026226
  • Phillipis, Steno Malamatenias str. +30 2289022295
  • Paraportiani, Ag. Monis Square. +30 2289023531
  • Paradise Restaurant, Paradise beach. +30 2289022852
  • Panormos Restaurant & Beach Bar, Panormos beach. +30 2289027640
  • Sale & Pepe, Lakka Square. +30 2289024207

Snack Bars and Cafes

  • Angolo, Lakka Square. +30 2289024207
  • Casarma, Sea Front. +30 2289028256
  • Diethnes, Sea Front. +30 2289026129
  • Hibiscus, Kalogera str. +30 2289024889
  • L'Unico, Ag. Kyriaki Square. +30 2289024455
  • Madoupas, Sea Front. +30 2289022224
  • Oniro, Tagou. +30 2289026626
  • Point Cafe, Fabrica. +30 2289028465
  • Pezoula, Sea Front. +30 2289022659
  • Piccolo, by Greek Press stand. +30 2289022208
  • Sirocco, 8 Mitropoleos str. +30 2289023784
  • Stavedo, Sea Front. +30 2289023011
  • White Mykonos, Sea Front. +30 2289023011

What you should know before choosing a restaurant!

In Mykonos you will find a great variety of dining places. You should not be in a hurry to eat at the first restaurant you come across. It would be wiser to walk around and see the several types of restaurants, the plates served and their prices. There are many over priced restaurants in Mykonos however a number of cheap taverns is also there for the careful shopper. Before deciding think of what you would like to eat and how much you would like to spend.

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