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The Archaeological Museum is located in the capital of Lefkas, on Faneromeni Street and it is housed in the Cultural centre of the Municipality. In the museum there is a rich collection of archaeological findings that cover a big time period. The collection includes tools, jewels, ceramic and cupreous objects.


You will find it on the central street of the old city, in the capital of Lefkas. You can see a big collection of gramophones and musical instruments, as well as other folkloric objects, from the daily life of the locals, such as cards, photographs, embroideries, jewels, currencies, tools and a lot of decorative objects.


It is the oldest Byzantine, Christian monument that is saved in Lefkas. It is situated near the village Apolpaina, 2 kilometers south of the capital. The value of the church is huge for the Christian community. It considered that this church was built the 15th century and its architecture is basilica. It is maintained at very good situation and in the interior you can admire unique murals.


It stands imposing in the market, in the centre of capital. It was built in 1864 and belongs to the family of the famous poet Aristotelis Valaoritis. In this temple is found also the grave of the national poet Valaoritis. In the interior, there are murals made by famous artists and rare pictures.


The lagoon is located in the city of Lefkas and has been characterized as biotope of great ecological importance. It is a station for a lot of rare birds such as swans herons, ducks, geese, gulls and kalimanes. In the lagoon there is also, the ibari, which is a type of aquaculture. The landscape is really magic and is worth visiting.


The waterfalls of Akoni are impressive! The place is wonderful and its beauty has been reported many times over the writings of the two big writers from Lefkas, Aggelos Sikelianos and Aristotelis Valaoritis. Visit the waterfalls in order to escape in a cool, exotic environment.


Meganisi is a green islet opposite Lefkas, at very small distance. It is full of olive trees, pines and steep caves. The most famous cave is the cave of Papanikolis in the south-western coast of the island, of 30 meters depth. According to the tradition, in this cave was hidden, from the enemies during the war the submarine ship Papanikolis.


It was built in 1300 and is one of the most impressing, medieval buildings. It is found in the entry of the island and was a protective fortress from the pirate attacks until 1684.

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