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Local Cuisine

Kos is an island which offers unique gastronomical enjoyments. In Kos follows the Greek Mediterranean cuisine, that is based on meat, fish, vegetables, olive oil and pastas, in combination with local traditional recipes. The menu in the restaurants of the island includes a big variety of dishes with meat, vegetables, cheeses and marine dishes with fishes, prawns, squids, lobsters. Of course, from the dinner there could not be absent the sweets, mainly with honey and the wine.

Especially you can try:

  • Pork meat cooked in a saucepan, with rice
  • Shrimp salad and fried squids.
  • Xinomyzithra, which is a local sour cheese.
  • Galomyzithra, which is a kind of cheese made from cow milk.
  • Krasotyri, which is unique spicy cheese that contains wine.
  • Vegetables filled with rice.
  • Home made grain bread that is delicious.
  • Wine and ouzo, with exceptional flavor and perfume.
  • Sarsoymades with honey, which is a local traditional sweet.
  • Loukoumades and xerotigana that are sweet fried snacks.

Recommended Restaurants of Kos

The island of Kos can satisfy even the most difficult gastronomical requirements, because it offers a great variety of restaurants. You can find the ideal restaurant, either in the City, or in a lot of other regions of the island. There are, traditional taverns, which serve the most famous dishes of Greek cuisine (mousaka, pastitsio, tzatziki), fish restaurants, offering exceptional variety of fresh fish and seafood, mezedopoleia and ouzeri, in order to try the unique Greek appetizers with the local ouzo. Except from the Greek cuisine, there are also available a lot of restaurants that serve spicy dishes from the international cuisine, such as Indian, Mexican, Chinese and Italian.


Platanos is one from the most popular restaurants in Kos. The name of restaurant comes from the location. It is in the historical centre of the city, next to the castle, where is found the plane tree of Hippocrates. You can try a lot of dishes from the Greek and international cuisine, in a wonderful environment with panoramic view.


It is one of the best pizzerias of the island and is located in the centre, near the port. In a modern and completely renovated space, you have the possibility of trying fresh pizzas and other delicacies from the Italian cuisine. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere very friendly.


In the Eastern side of the island, near the beach Baltaki, you will find the tavern Old River. It is a family tavern and offers tasty dishes, which will astonish you. Apart from the Greek cuisine, you have the possibility of trying also the most popular Turkish appetizers. The location is very beautiful, the view to the sea splendid and the prices absolutely reasonable.


If you want something fast, cheap and tasty, Aylogyradiko is the suitable place. It is situated near the Square of Freedom and is open from the midday up to late the evening. Try the eminent Greek gyros from pork or chicken, with potatoes and salads.


It is the most popular Italian restaurant of Kos. In the wonderful garden you can try all the authentic Italian dishes, at very good prices. You will find it in the heart of the island, in the Old City.


It is found in distance of 4 kilometers from the centre of the island, at the street to the village Psalidi. It is a mezedopoleio and offers a big variety of appetizers with meat or fish. The location is beautiful, the staff friendly and menu is modified continuously with new delicacies.


Karnagio is a typical Greek tavern in the city of the island. You can select to seat in the interior or in the abroad and to try fresh fishes and seafood. It is one from the most beloved taverns of the residents and the visitors.


It is the oldest restaurant in the island, as it exists since 1936. It is located in the centre of the island, next to the sea and is the ideal part for a separate evening. Splendid food, romantic environment and an orchestra, playing live music two times the week.


It is the most famous fish tavern in the island because the owner is a fisherman! It is open from the midday and serves ouzo with appetizers or mainly dishes. The menu includes a rich variety of fishes and seafood, cooked in several ways. The place has splendid decoration and friendly staff. If you are a fish lover, be sure to visit it!

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