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Ios and Mykonos are the most famous islands in Cyclades and in all Greece, for their nightlife! Many people visit Ios in order to live a unique party experience, without limits. Ios, the party island, is full of bars and clubs, which are concentrated in the town (chora). The party begins in the afternoon at the beach, at beach bars and continues in clubs at the town, till the sunrise. During summer months, Ios nightlife is at its peak and everyone dances and drinks crazy! The paved narrow streets of the town are full of crowd of each age, having fun 24 hours a day! If you are a party lover, you will live a unique party experience and you will want to return in Ios again and again! Open your mind, go a walk down the main street of the island, select the place that suits you and feel the experience!


You will find it at the main road of the island, in the town. It is a very popular club in Ios because it organizes special events, almost every night. During summer period invites some famous DJs from Greece or abroad. The friendly staff, the professional dancers and the loud music will surprise you!


It exists from 1974 and is one of the oldest clubs in Ios. It is located in the town; at the central square and is waiting to offer you a great night, full of surprises! Loud music, alcohol and non stop dancing are some of the elements that compose the setting in Disco 69 club.

RED BULL BAR (tel. 22860 91019)

You will find it in the central square of the town and you will not overtake it! The loud music will attract you in the beautiful garden! It is a meeting place for all, before everyone continues the night somewhere else.

JUNGLE BAR (EX DUBLINER) (tel. 22860 92070)

The ex-Dubliner bar comes back in Ios nightlife, renovated and active, with the name Jungle bar. It is full of crowd every night, till the first morning hours. You will not get bored ever, because each night is different, with special events that will impress you!


It is famous for its tequila based drink, the slammer, and the experienced staff is ready to offer you everything you wish! With a 20 year presence in the nightlife of the island and a wonderful environment, it will offer you a unique experience. You will find it in the Town, at the main square.


Flames bar is synonym of party in the island of Ios! If you are a party lover, do not omit to visit it and live a really hot party night! It is open from the afternoon, till early the morning and it is full of crowd, dancing under the sounds of Greek and foreign music.

FAR OUT BEACH CLUB (tel. 22860 91468)

In Mylopotas village, in a well organized group with a lot of activities, is found Far out beach club. With a great view to the sea, loud music and unique cocktails, you will have fun up to the morning. The environment is splendid and the atmosphere very friendly.

NO NAME CLUB (tel. 22860 91173)

It is situated in the town of the island and is the most representative place of Greek nights! It is very popular for the residents and the visitors, because it offers an authentic Greek night, with Greek music, modern and traditional! You will have fun until the sunrise!

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