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Thessaloniki may be the co-capital of Greece but it is the capital of entertainment and nightlife. In Thessaloniki, nightlife gets a new meaning and nights remain unforgettable. Just like all big cities, Thessaloniki offers many different possibilities for evening entertainment for even the most demanding travellers; from traditional to modern Greek music, and from jazz to rock and soul and any other kind of music. Thessaloniki's people, even more than Athenians, are night-loving people; even dinner seldom begins before nine or ten at night and most restaurants and taverns are open at least until 1am. Night life, meaning clubs and “bouzoukia” (clubs with live music where famous Greek artists sing), starts usually at 11:30pm and it lasts until the small hours of the next day.

In Ladadika, Aretsou, Nea Krini and Mylos areas you can find, apart from ouzeri, restaurants and taverns, bars and night clubs. Near the Airport, nightlife takes a more traditional and Greek character with clubs with live Greek music and bouzoukis. In the city centre there are many cafes and bars as well as nightclub piano bars. Drinks cost from 7 to 10€ while a bottle of whiskey or vodka (spirits in general) from 100 to 190€. Wine is cheaper as it costs from 80 to 100€ per bottle per 2 persons. Many clubs and bars usually have an entrance fee of about 15€ in which the first drink is included.

For the gambling lovers, the Regency Thessaloniki Casino is situated at 12th km Thessaloniki International Airport, about an hour by car away. Apart from the casino itself, it has a terrace with a breath-taking view, full cafeteria, bar and restaurant.

In the summer time, in fact all Thessaloniki's best bars and clubs shut down. However many of them reopen “summer” branches along the road leading east along the coast, about 1,5km before the airport.


Name Address Contact Number (+30) Remarks
Art House Gallery Bar 4 Vogatsikou str 6948604300
Casa La Femme - Shabby Chic 25 26th Oktovriou str 2310540607
Decadance Club 21 Georgiou str, Platia Dimokratias 2310522940
Fix Community 15 26th Oktovriou str 2310514666 Music Scene-Live-Club-China Fix
Mylos 56 Andr. Georgiou str, Mylos 2310551836/8 & fax: 2310551837 Music-Events-Theatre
Principal Club Theatre Thermi 2310428088
Prova Live 6 Kalapothaki str (pedestrian) 2310260484 & mob: 6944682564 Live Greek music/cold dishes - closed on Sunday
Puli Axiou Live concerts
The Silver Dollar Club 19 Ethnikis Aminis str 2310283613 Rock music
Vardia 15 Serron & Filida Menou str, Kato Toumpa 2310942289 Live Greek music/cold dishes
Vardia Live 10 Kalapothaki str 2310250342 & fax: 2310250343 Live concerts
Weger Club 8-10 Aiguptou str, Ladadika Gay friendly
X-club 5c Aigyptou str. Ladadika 2310556663 Gothic music
Ydrogeios Club 33 26th Oktovriou str 2310516515 & fax: 2310545113 Live club- jazz café

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