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Thessaloniki is a beautiful city with interesting places to stay. From the city centre to the suburbs, it offers different but wonderful places to rest and enjoy yourselves. Whether you are visiting Thessaloniki for vacation or for business; whether you are looking for a place to relax or a place near the business and shopping centre, Thessaloniki' s lodging is bound to come up to your expectations and satisfy even the most demanding travelers.

Thessaloniki -Down Town:

Thessaloniki is a busy, vibrant city. Even if it is Greece's co-capital it has nothing to envy from Athens. Its combination of Byzantine era along with all characteristics of a modern city makes it unique. In the city centre travellers may visit the numerous shops found at the most famous commercial roads of Thessaloniki, such as Tsimiski, Venizelou, Agias Sofias, Ermou, Mitropoleos, Egnatia and Mitropolitou Iosif. There visitors can find jewellery, furs, traditional or local products as well as a great variety of fashion shops which will satisfy even the most demanding travellers. Its port, one of the most important in east Mediterranean, offers a pedestrian ideal for endless walks. The city has the largest student population in Greece. As a cultural centre, it is renowned mainly for its many monuments of Byzantine architecture as well as for some main Ottoman, and Jewish structures. The city is also famous for its conferences and festivals which take place every year.


Evosmos is a municipality in the west side of Thessaloniki. Due to the latest development of the area, where are many people searching for a place to live. Most shops, cafes and bars are found at the centre of Evosmos, with the big square, the city hall and the church of "Evagelismos". The central street of Evosmos is Megalou Alexandrou street. In Evosmos there are athletic establishments such as the Municipal Athletic Centre of Evosmos with closed gym of basketball and volleyball. Evosmos was developed after the Asia Minor destruction in 1922 when refugees came and its first name was Harmankioi.


Kalamaria is located in the southeast side of Thessaloniki. The area was inhabited since the prehistoric times; a prehistoric settlement has been found around Karabournaki cape. Kalamaria was as well created by refugees from the Asia Minor, Pontos and Georgia, right after the Asia Minor destruction in 1922. Kalamaria is a seaside area; two thirds of it is surrounded by sea with 6,5km of wonderful coastline. Popular areas in Kalamaria are Aretsou, Nea Krini and Kouri-Katirli, where there are several restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars as well as clubs. In Kalamaria is also found the biggest marina of Thessaloniki. Nowadays Kalamaria is characterized as a purely residential area. However the natural surroundings and excellent street planning makes the district a suburb which harmonically combines greenery and sea together with the warmth of its residents, resulting in a higher standard of life. In Kalamaria visitors will find beautiful beaches, a famous tourist destination in summer months.


Panorama which in greek means view, is an affluent suburb of Thessaloniki built at the foot of Mount Hortiatis. Panorama's square is Dimarcheiou square (Town Hall square) named after the Town Hall which is found there.


Pylaia is located in the north-eastern Thessaloniki. Pylea is known from the ancient times, under the name of Strepsa; the ancient Greek historian Thicydides refers to it. During the ottoman rule times, it was renamed into Kapoutzida, from the turkish word “kapoutzidis” which means gateman, as there were guard to watch over Thessaloniki walls. Its recent name comes from the greek word “Pyli” which means gate. Pylaia is a continuously developed area.

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