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In Skiathos Island we can choose among three lodging types, hotels, studios-apartments and rooms. Hotels provide a full service depending on the stars credited to the hotel (e.g. restaurant services, swimming pool, air condition). Studios-apartments are often a good option for families as they offer enough space for hosting children and a small kitchenette in order to prepare meals. Rooms is a budget alternative providing all the basics for a pleasant stay.

A smart tip is to reserve your stay in advance. First, you will certainly have a wide variety of lodgings among which you could choose the one that best fits you. Second, you will certainly get a better price, an “early booking discount”. The soonest you book, the less you pay!

Where to stay in Skiathos

Skiathos Town

It is the "wild" choice. If you want to stay close to the clubs and enjoy nightlife to the maximum, Skiathos Town is your place to be. It's located in the eastern part of Skiathos and it has a splendid view to the south east in the Aegean Sea. Being the biggest settlement on the island, where the old harbour and the new port are situated, it's the place where you can find apart from clubs, most shops and restaurants. Internet cafes are available as well as the International Press spot. The airport is found in a close distance on the northeast (5 minutes by car).


It is the best beach in Skiathos and famous worldwide. The pine trees forest which reaches the sandy beach, only a few meters from the water is one of the highlights. In case you want to be close to a world class beach, surrounded by a forest of pine trees and relax, you should book a hotel or apartment here. A number of taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars will serve you in case you prefer not to move to Skiathos Town for dinner or getting a drink.


In Kalamaki cape in the south edge of Skiathos and southwest of the town, there are three nice coves, Sklithri, Tzaneria and Kanapitsa. In Kanapitsa, you can choose among a wide variety of beautiful hotels and apartments. Nice taverns and water sports activities can enrich your stay there. It is important to mention, that you need to take a ten minutes walk when the road ends in order to get to Kanapitsa.

Agia Paraskevi

You will enjoy sunbathing and water sports in Agia Paraskevi beach, which is covered with blonde fine sand. It is located in the southern part of the island, southwest of Skiathos Town, about twenty minutes by car. Accommodation here is also available.

Megali Ammos

Just on a walking distance (you can access it by car or bus too) from Skiathos Town, it combines the pleasure of passing your holidays close to the beach and the conveniences provided in the town. A number of hotels and apartments are available here to make your stay unforgettable.


Taking the road from Skiathos Town to Koukounaries (southwest) after passing Agia Paraskevi you meet Troulos. It is a nice beach with an islet on the front. You can choose among a wide variety of hotels and apartments for your stay.


Achladies, located only 2 km southwest of Skiathos Town can be accessed by car or bus. It is a fully developed resort and you can choose among different lodging types. Water sports are available on the beach.


Found in between Achladies and Agia Paraskevi, Kolios is a small gulf and a quiet settlement. Book a hotel or apartment here if you need to stay away from the cosmopolitan Koukounaries beach or the noisy Skiathos Town.

Some smart tips:

  • You will most probably be asked by the property owner to give him your passport or ID card. He will keep it at the maximum for one day. It is absolutely legal (according to the Greek institutional framework) and there is no need to worry.
  • Avoid drinking tab water in Skiathos. Prefer bottled water.
  • Using the toilette, you are kindly asked to throw papers and stuff in the designated basket. Plumbing inadequacy is the reason.

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