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Local Cuisine

Due to the volcanic fertile soil, Santorini is famous for its unique products such as the white aubergine, the little cherry tomatoes, fava etc. You must taste tomato-balls (tomatokeftedes) made from the cherry tomatoes and mousaka with local aubergines and vegetables.greek salad Santorini has been famous for its wines from the ancient years. The fertile earth helps the cultivation and the development of vineyards. Many famous wineries can be found in Santorini such as Boutari, Cavana Roussos and Santo wines. Taste all 3 kinds - Brusko (Red / dry / strong), Nichteri (White / dry / strong), Vissando (Red / sweet / extremely strong; reminds the liqueur). As far as sweets are concerned, taste spoon-sweets which are made from whole cherry tomatoes seasoned with cinnamon and whole almonds.

Recommended Restaurants of Santorini

1800: Ia

Housed in a mansion that was built in the middle of the 18th century, "1800" combines the ambience of the past and the warmth and the comfort of the present. Its excellent cuisine will please even the most demanding clients. In 2005 it was honoured with a "Golden bonnet" an award for the best restaurants by one of the biggest dining and entertainment guides of Greece.

Ambrosia: Ia

Ambrosia restaurant offers one of the most tranquil and dreamlike terrace views of the caldera and the volcano, which in addition to the good food and excellent services make dining there an unprecedented experience.

Archipelagos restaurant: Fira

Taste traditional dishes in a romantic environment, at the beautiful verandas of the restaurant, with view to the volcano and the caldera. Its interior has an artistic taste with various paintings and sculptures.

Koukoumavlos Restaurant: Fira

The chef Nikos Pouliasis, owner of the restaurant, has never ceased to evolve. The combination of good food and excellent service brought the restaurant among the 6 best out-of-Athens restaurants honoured with a "Golden bonnet" (an award for the best restaurants by one of the biggest dining and entertainment guides of Greece) in 2003.

Pyrgos Tavern Restaurant: Pyrgos

Its rich cuisine which is mainly Greek, with a few but excellent selections from the international cuisine together with its unique location make it ideal for enjoying your dinner admiring the most beautiful sunset and the beautiful and warm environment of this restaurant. We gladly recommend this restaurant should you wish to host special personal or professional moments while in Santorini.

Tavern Akteon: Firostefani

Marvelous scenery, traditional touch and good food are the characteristics of tavern ("oinomagirion" which means wine-tavern) Akteon. Taste a romantic dinner with local dishes at the friendly atmosphere of the tavern.

Traditional tavern Imerovigli

One of the best taverns in Imerovigli, open from noon. The good food, the impeccable service and the affordable prices make it an excellent choice of restaurant in Imerovigli.

Dictia: Perivolos

Delicious fresh fish and other seafood dishes in one of the most famous taverns of Santorini. Perivolos is a famous beach of Santorini so you may want to combine your swimming or sun bathing with an afternoon or early evening meal. greece dining

A List of Santorini Restaurants and their Telephone numbers

  • 1800: Ia tel: (+30)2286071485 or (+30)2286071800 fax: (+30)228607231730
  • Ambrosia: Ia tel: (+30)2286071413 or (+30)697656099
  • Archipelagos restaurant: Fira tel: 2286023673 fax:/2286024804
  • Charlina, Peribolos tel: (+30)2286082813
  • Dictia: Perivolos tel: (+30)2286082818
  • Diporto Tavern, Fira tel: (+30)2286024536
  • Kalimera Tavern, Perissa tel: (+30)2286082794
  • Koukoumavlos Restaurant: Fira tel: (+30)2286023807
  • Perivolos: Peribolos tel: (+30)2286082007
  • Pyrgos Tavern Restaurant: Pyrgos tel: (+30)2286031346 or (+30)6972292587 fax: (+30)2286032190
  • Skala Tavern, Ia tel: (+30)2286071562
  • Selini Restaurant, Fira tel: (+30)2286022249
  • Tavern Akteon: Firostefani tel: (+30)2286022336
  • Traditional tavern Imerovigli: Imerovigli tel: (+30)2286024190

What you should know when dining in Santorini!

In Santorini you will find a great variety of dining places. You should not opt to eat at the first restaurant you come across. Go around and see several types of different restaurants, the portions served and their prices if the menu is on display. There are several over priced extravant restaurants but you can find cheap taverns, too. Before you decide, think of what you would like to eat but most of all how much you are willing to spend.

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