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What follows is a description of the most significant places you may choose to stay in Santorini. If you are looking for hotels and prices you may scroll down.

Santorini is a famous tourist destination and offers a wide range of quality hotels, comfortable hotel apartments, luxurious suite hotels and organised camping sites. Santorini's lodgement guarantee security and exclusive services. Guests are sure to find a room or apartment that fits their taste and wallet, in most villages. Rooms at the central villages which have view from the famous caldera or the volcano, such as Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Ia (also found as Oia), are usually more expensive than others at the southeastern side of the island villages, such as Kamari, Perissa or Perivolos. This does not in any case mean that these rooms offer better services or are more luxurious and comfortable rooms than the others; there are also luxurious hotels at southeastern villages which provide guests with all the comforts they may need during their vacation and exclusive services.

In general hotels or apartments at central villages are closer to nightlife and the shopping centre of the island but they are away from beaches that lie at the eastern side of Santorini. This is a reason why many families that visit the island choose hotels or apartments at the villages on the northeastern part of Santorini, close to beaches. For those who prefer nature there are 2 camping sites at Santorini, one at Fira and one at Perissa.


Fira is, since the early 19th century, the capital of the island and the most important village. After the great earthquake of 1956 a part of the town was destroyed and many buildings were demolished. Fira is built on the edge of an impressive cliff of 260m and offers an astonishing panoramic view at the caldera and the volcano. It is composed of many white painted houses, sun-bathed verandas, and blue domed churches which stand out. The small streets of Fira are always crowed during peak season period with people who enjoy themselves at the shops, jewelleries, cafes, restaurants, bars and night clubs. The bus and the taxi station are located at the beginning of the main road (25th Martiou Str).


It is located between Fira and Imerovigli and is considered to be one of the spots with the best view on the island and one of the most picturesque and peaceful neighbourhoods of the island. Even if it is considered as a distinct village, Firostefani is the natural continuation of Fira. The area has several restaurants and cafes but it is also close to Fira where guests can find everything they need.


Imerovigli is a traditional village situated on a higher cliff. In front of the village there is an enormous rock called Skaros, which until 1800 was part of the land and had a castle where all administrative offices of the island were located. Hardly any building was saved from the earthquake of 1956, and the cliff-edge houses were abandoned. Today Imerovigli is a beautiful and quiet village but due to the wonderful view to the volcano and the caldera is considered as one of the top areas in Greece for accommodation.

Ia (or Oia)

Ia (or Oia or Pano Meria) is located at the northern part of Santorini. The village was devastated by the 1956 earthquake and has never fully recovered since then. It is completely different and quieter from the capital city, Fira. However, its streets are also filled with all kind of shops, expensive jewellery boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Ia is famous for its astonishing sunset, considered by many as the best sunset in Greece and one of the best in the world, and its narrow streets get crowded in the evenings from tourists who wish to admire it. The most popular spot to watch the sunset is by the "Kastro" (castle in Greek) walls. The bright white of the houses and blue domes (also referred to as cupolas) of the churches contrasting with the deep blue of the Aegean Sea complete the scenery elegantly.


Kamari is situated on the southeast side of Santorini. It has a great history as it was one of the most important and strategic points on the island after the decline of Akrotiri in ancient times. It was completely destroyed and rebuilt after the 1956 earthquake and nowadays it is considered to be a tourist hotspot. The area is known for its beautiful beach which extends all the way to Monolithos. Next to the beach guests can find hotels, restaurants, bars and many shops that can please all tastes and budgets. The official name of the village is "Episkopi Gonia" taken by the church of Panagia Episkopi, built in 1100. On August 15th there is a big feast organised at the church and it is the best time to visit it if you want to have a taste of how Greek customs are celebrated.


Perissa is situated next to Emporio village and is an endless beach with black pebbles instead of sand. What makes this beach different is that it is protected from the "meltemia" (summer winds of the Aegean). The water is deep and cold enough however the crystal waters make up for it. Next to Perissa lies Profitis Ilias mountain which protects the beach from northern winds. At the beach there are restaurants and taverns where guests can taste local dishes.


A village built on the southwest side of the island, about 12 km from Fira. The excavations in that area brought up the ancient city of Acropolis. At the same village there is also a Venetian castle from the Venetian occupation of the island during the medieval years. There are many hotels, restaurants and taverns in the area as well.

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