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Getting to Paros

Every year the transportation to and from the island of Paros is getting improved. You can reach Paros by sea by ships that leave from Athens, from Piraeus port and from Rafina port. The schedules are particularly frequent during the summer months. The prices of tickets depend on the type of ship that you will select. With ferry boat that departs from Piraeus, the ticket is cheaper and the travel lasts 5 hours, while with "highspeed" boats, that leave from Piraeus, the ticket is more expensive and the travel lasts 3 hours. Paros is also connected with other ports of the country such as Amorgos, Anafi, Ikaria, Ios, Samos, Mykonos, Naxos, Rhodes, Santorini, Skiathos, Sifnos, Siros, Tinos, Crete, Volos, Thessaloniki.You can book your ferry tickets Paros from Alternatively you can arrive at Paros by airplane. The airport of Paros is located 9 kilometers away from the capital of the island, Parikia, near the village Aliki. The distance is roughly 20 minutes and you can go there by taxi or by bus.

The flights from Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos are very frequent and their duration is 45 minutes. During the summer Paros is connected with other international airports, mostly via Athens. You can book your flight tickets to Paros from

Getting around while in Paros


The bus is the most safe and cheapest way in order to get around the island of Paros. In Parikia, the bus station is located on the paros mapwaterfront, and from there you can find busses that follow all routes. The frequency of routes depends on the season, however, bus transport is frequent and precise during the Summer months and connects a lot of regions of Paros such as Parikia, Naoussa, Aliki, Punda, Golden Beach (or Chrissi Akti).


Private means of transport even if they cost more , are ideal in order to explore each part of the island and to discover its hidden beauties. You can rent a car at Paros from The main road that connects most parts of Paros is relatively flat therefore making for an ejoyable bicycle ride.


The taxi is of course the best way to move around, but also the most expensive. The prices are determined each year and are fixed for each destination in the island. There are no taxi-meters. You can find a taxi in Parikia, in the central square and also in Naoussa by the little river that flows through the main road. A good tip is to keep the mobile phone number of every taxi you pick up on the street so that you can call them later and arrange for them to pick you up.


Small boats that take you to beaches or tour the island can be found on most Greek islands. They are absolutely safe and the tickets are cheap. It is the only way to reach certain steep beaches of Paros or the beautiful Antiparos. Such boats depart from Parikia or Punda (which should not be confused with Punda Beach).


Walking aroun in Paros is a very beautiful way to wander in the island and to admire its natural beauties and the other sights. However, it is not ideal when the weather is too hot as it is often during July and August.paros donkey

Distance from Parikia (km)

Aggeria 15
Aliki 12
Ambelas 15
Antiparos 2
Aspro Chorio 27
Drios 25
Kamari 8
Kolimbithres 12
Kostos 8
Lefkes 12
Legovarda 6
Marathi 5
Marpissa 18
Naoussa 12
Parasporos 3
Petaloudes 6
Pisso Livadi 19
Punda 2
Punda Beach 8
Prodromos 16

Some useful tips on getting around the island of Paros

  • If you want to go to Paros by sea during the summer season, do not look for a ticket at the last moment book well in advance because otherwise you have little chances of finding one. Our ferry ticketing service will help you book in advance.
  • Have in your mind that the weather in Cyclades changes often and the winds very frequent. Even if you visit Paros during summer you should have together a jacket, because you may need to use it in the evenings.
  • If you need taxi, have in your mind that the taxis in the islands are very busy during the summer months. You might have to wait a while before finding one. Do not forget to always ask for the cost in advance.
  • Having a car gives you the opportunity to visit places you could not see by bus. However always carry your driving licence with you and use your seat belt and never drive while you have drank!!!

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