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Mykonos is famous for its nightlife. Many tourists visit Mykonos in order to live separate moments and believe that its nightlife is the best in Europe, with those of Impiza, in Spain and Agia Napa, in Cyprus. The rhythm of amusement is frantic, without limits, during all day. There is a big variety of places such as taverns, bars, clubs and everyone for sure will find something that would suit in his preferences and in his age. Go around and you will discover gay-bars, rock-cafes, and clubs in which guest DJs from all world play music. mykonos cocktailAlcohol, that flows abundant, strengthens the party atmosphere that dominates in the island, so much inside the bars, as much as at streets, at the beaches at every corner of the island. It is sure that no one will feel alone, all are members of big company that has ongoing fun. In the island of winds sleeping stops to be a necessity and becomes simply luxury. Mykonos exudes an erotic disposal and sex appeal that dominates everywhere. Release your brain and all rests will follow, in order to you live a unique experience. The rules do not have place in the island of absolute freedom.

We have picked out the following Mykonos hot spots:

Caprice Bar

It is located in the region of "Little Venice" and constitutes for a lot of years a very popular space of amusement. It is packed from world, mainly Greeks that enjoy the drink and the music.

Cavo Paradiso

It is the number 1 destination for those that enjoy after parties, which begin round at 2 in the night and keep up to the first morning hours, afterwards the sunrise. It is a splendid space, next to the beach paradise, on a hill and for this it has a unique view to the sea, that all want to admire.

Kastro Bar

It is a well-known space in the region of Little Venice and is ideal for softer forms of amusement. You can relax, meet other people, and enjoy a cocktail while admiring the sunset.

Montparnasse Piano Bar

It is particularly popular to the gay visitors of island, but not only. It is situated in Little Venice. It is the only place in Mykonos that offers live music and is famous for the special cocktails.

Pierros Bar

mykonos nightlifePierros is undeniably the most famous gay - bar in Mykonos and it is located behind the harbour. It is constituted substantially by 2 shops: Pierro's Cafe and Manto. The amusement here is multiple and begins from socializing and leads in unique drag shows.

Super Paradise

It is the absolute definition of the party. It is located next to the sea and the customers have fun from the morning up to late evening. The music is loud, consists of foreign and Greek hits and the professional dancers are fantastic.

Space Nightclub

It is perhaps the biggest club in the town of Mykonos and you can find it near to the grade school. Space is first in the list of preferences of the youth. TV screens, abundant alcohol, non-stopping dance, many people, are the elements that compose the setting in Space nightclub.

List of Cafes, Bars and Clubs

  • Afros, Matogianni str. +30 2289028598
  • Anchor, Matogianni str. +30 2289022443
  • Astra, Enolopon Dynameon str. +30 2289024767
  • Aroma, Enolopon Dynameon str. +30 2289027148
  • Apagio, Riga Fereou str. +30 2289027462
  • Bolero, Malamatenias str. +30 2289024877
  • Celebrities, Matogianni str. +30 2289023333
  • Cavo Paradiso, Paradise Beach +30 2289026124
  • Caprice, Little Venice +30 2289023541
  • Coffee Corner, Mykonos Town +30 2289022969
  • Down Under, Ag. Ioanninou str. +30 2289023542
  • Four Roses, Iglesi str. +30 2289023350
  • Galleraki, Little Venice +30 2289027188
  • Hard Rock, on the road to Ano Mera +30 2289072162
  • Ikaros, Ag.Kyriaki Square +30 2289022718
  • Katerina's Bar, Little Venice +30 2289023084
  • Kastro, by the Paraportiani Church +30 2289023072
  • La Mer Club, Little Venice +30 2289024192
  • Manto, Ag.Kyriaki Square +30 2289022177
  • Mykonos, Kouzi Georgouli str. +30 2289023529
  • Montparnasse, Little Venice +30 2289023719
  • Music Cafe, Sea Front +30 2289027625
  • Nine Muses, Sea Front +30 2289023010
  • Pierros, Ag.Kyriaki Square +30 2289022177
  • Space Nightclub, Lakka square +30 2289022400
  • Super Paradise, Enolopon Dynameon str. +30 2289022669
  • Uno, Matogianni str. +30 2289026144
  • Veranda Club, Little Venice +30 2289026262

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