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Lefkas (or Lefkada) is the island that combines everything in a unique way! You can find a great variety of restaurants and many bars that can cover every preference. Either you are looking for a quiet restaurant for a tasty dinner, or for a bar in order to enjoy a drink, or for a club in order to dance up to morning, you can find everything in Lefkas. Night clubs and bars are found mainly in the capital, as well as in the most popular tourist resorts, Nydri and Vassiliki. You will not be disappointed by Lefkas' nightlife!


It is located in Nydri and is the most famous party-clubs in Lefkas! In a wonderful environment, you will have the chance to entertain, drinking tasty cocktails up to the first morning hours. Very often there are organized karaoke nights that you will never forget!


You will find it in Kathisma beach. It is a bar-restaurant and is famous for the quality and the service. The environment is unique and is surrounded by a magic rocky location. Visit it for a dinner or for a drink and enjoy a great night!


It is one of the most popular bars in Vassiliki and is the favourite place so much for the locals, as much as for the foreigners. Try the delicious cocktail mohito, in a very friendly and hospitable environment, under the sounds of jazz music, in the afternoon and great Greek music, late the evening.

EXCESS CLUB (2645 0 24704)

It is situated in Nydri and is one of the biggest night clubs in Lefkas. The party begins around 11 mm and keeps up to the first morning hours. It is full of world having fun, drinking and dancing up to the morning! The music can cover every preference because it varies from rock up to Greek. Often houses some of the most famous DJs from Greece and abroad. If you want to have a really Greek night, prefer it!

LIOTRIVI (2645 0 31870)

The cafe-club Liotrivi is found in the picturesque port in Syvota. It is accommodated in a renovated space that was for 100 years an olive press. Decoration is very beautiful and service very friendly. It is open all day long and you can visit it either to enjoy a coffee in the morning, or in order to drink a cocktail late the evening.

MYLOS ORLOF (2645 0 26633)

The bar Mylos Orlof, took its name thanks to the location that is found, near the windmill Orlof. It is found in the beach Mylos, which abstains 2 kilometers from the capital of the island. It is a unique place and is waiting to serve you a splendid cocktail. It is open all year long and it promises a special night.

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