Kefalonia Greece

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Antisamos is located near the village of Sami. It is a beautiful pebble beach, with emerald green waters. You can enjoy the astonishing view while on your way to the beach which is comprised by the beautiful, green mountains that surround the beach. In Antisamos you will have the chance to do watersports and there are sunbeds where you can sunbathe.


This beach is located in the north of the island. Petani is a magical pebble beach with crystal clear waters and the special thing about this beach are the surrounding cliffs that reach the sea and create a dazzling but at the same time unique sight. The beach is vey well organised but you can reach it only by car.

Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi is at the easterm side of the island near the village Sami. The unique characteristic of this beach is the artistic way the small cliffs reach the sea and the carvings that the water has made on them. You can easily climb on those cliffs and due to their shape lie on them and relax. Agia Paraskevi is actually a complex of smaller pebble beaches with amazing emerald green waters and an exciting sea bottom!


The most cosmopolitan beach in the southern part of Kefalonia. The rich vegetation, the white sand and the small pebbles, as well as the spotless waters, help for a really enjoyable day!

Makrys Gialos

One of the most beautiful beaches of the island, at Lassi, in distance of 2 kilometres from Argostoli. It is very popular and because of this it is very well equipped with umbrellas, showers, parking spaces, sport activities and a lot of restaurants. If you like busy beaches, visit it!

Platys Gialos

Platys Gialos is the extension of Makrys Gialos, but it is a less popular and quieter sandy beach. The view to the western coast of the island where Lixouri is located is splendid! Swim in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy the sun lying on the thin sand!


Myrtos is among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. You will need to drive your way to the beach down, so take the chance and enjoy the astonishing view of the beach from higher above. The beautiful shades of the colours of the sea are ideal to photograph and the green mountains that reach the waters form beautiful scenery. Myrtos can be totally different depending on the time you choose to visit the beach. Each hour of the day creates a different atmosphere. The beach combines small, round pebbles with white sand and you will be able to explore the caves that are formed on the left side of the beach.


It is situated in the northern coast of the island, in a wonderful location near the picturesque Fiskardo. The beautiful spotless waters offer you the opportunity to explore the sea bottom especially near the cliffs.


Ratzakli is a beautiful sandy beach, but the sand is rather orange coloured. The beach reminds an exotic scenery because of the nature (there are some exotic plants such as palm trees) surrounding it is the place to be for families because it is not that crowded and the children as well as the adults can walk along the sandy beach and explore it!


Xi is a unique beach due to the red sand that is covering the area. Moreover the waters are shallow and there are some cliff formations on the left side of the beach which are actually “melting” and at the same time therapeutic cliffs because you can cover yourself with the mud they are made of which contains zinc. What is more, you will enjoy the splendid view to the western side of Kefalonia and to the small island which is opposite the beach and you can even swim to reach it! Beach Bars and Restaurants are also to be found at the beach.


It is the beach of the homonym village, some kilometres from the airport away. It is ideal for swimming and sunbathing, with a great view to the hills. There are restaurants and traditional taverns in case you want to try local dishes and fresh fish.

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