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Ios Archaeological Museum is located in the heart of the island, in the town, in a neoclassical municipal building. It is open daily, from 8 p.m. to 2 p.m., except of Mondays. You can admire a rich collection of findings, including ceramic objects, inscriptions, tools and many other Cycladic objects.


The ancient city of Ios was built where is located the modern town. You can see the ruins from the medieval castle, which was built in 1937.


The theatre “Odysseus Elytis” is located on the hill of the town, at the highest point. It is an open theatre of 1000 places, built of marble and stone. During summers are organized there various cultural events. The view to Mylopotas and to Aegean Sea is amazing!


Homer's tomb is found in the northern part of the town, next to Plakoto, where are found a lot of graves of Hellenistic period. According to the tradition, when Homer, the epic poet of Ancient Greece, was traveling from Samos to Athens, descended on Ios. The residents posed him an enigma and when he could not answer it, he was killed and buried there.


The church of Virgin Mary Gremiotisa is dedicated to Dormition of Virgin Mary. It located at the highest point of the town and is the trademark of the island. Its architecture is Byzantine, exceptionally simple and frugal, but the location makes the church very picturesque. Going up on the hill you can enjoy the panoramic view to Aegean Sea. According to the tradition, the church was built at this point, because there, was found the icon of Virgin Mary that is today in the temple. Initially, the residents when they found the icon transported it in another temple, but the icon during night was transported back! Finally, the residents understood that there, should build the church. The icon is considered to be miraculous until today.


It stands imposingly in the town of the island and is one of the most beautiful Cycladic churches. It is white with light blue dome and in the interior there are fine hagiographies and pictures.

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