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The city of Chania is the most picturesque and poetic city of Crete! chania mapIt is located in the north-western coast of Crete and has 60.000 inhabitants. It is built on the ruins of Ancient Kydonia, which was destroyed by pirates. The city allocates two basic entries, the airport in Akrotiri and the port of Souda, which is one of the biggest in Mediterranean sea. Walking in Chania you will realise the multiple influence from the Venetian and the Turkish domination, which appears in the architecture of the buildings. A tour in the city can begin from the Venetian Port, the trademark of Chania. You can continue to Sintrivani square, to the Venetian fortress Firka, to the Pane of Janissaries, to the archaeological museum and to the naval museum. Do not forget to visit the covered Municipal Market, which is one of the best in Balkans and the Park of Peace and Friendship. The city of Chania can offer to the visitors a comfortable and pleasant stay through a lot of hotels of each category, restaurants of Greek and international cuisine, numerous bars and clubs that create a crazy nightlife and commercial shops of all kinds. Chania is the jewel of Crete, which maintains its traditional character in combination to the modern element.


It is lying in distance of 42 kilometers westwards of Chania and is a big village. It is not particularly tourist region, but it is famous for the excellent wine that produces. In distance of 7 kilometers you can visit the old Dorian city that was a very important commercial centre and the very popular village Kasteli, in which there are the ruins of a Venetian castle. If you want to explore nearby regions, visit Falasarna, the islet Gramvoysa, the lake Balos, as well as a lot of small idyllic beaches with spotless waters. In the Kissamos region there are available a lot of lodgings, a great variety of taverns in order to try Cretan delicacies, as well as some cafeterias. From the city of Chania there is frequent bus connection to Kissamos. From Kissamos port depart ferries for Gythion and Kythira.


It is located in distance of 15 kilometres west of Chania and is the most popular tourist destination of the prefecture. The village is located next to Platanias River and the landscape is really magic. There are a lot of beaches with crystal clear waters which apart from swimming are suitable also for sport activities. You can find a lot of hotels of each category, restaurants and a lot of bars for those who wish crazy party nights.


Paleochora is a village of 2000 residents and abstains 75 kilometers from Chania. Frequent bus services connect Chania to Paleochora. From Paleochora port you can visit Agia Roumeli, Sfakia and Gavdos Island. A lot of hotels and restaurants are widely available. The beach of the village is separated in two smaller; one with sand and one with pebble, but both are beautiful and clean. Venetian castle Selino is also worth visiting. Paleochora is a village with intense life, suitable for the youth, but also for those who wish to relax in a beautiful landscape.


Souda is one of the biggest ports in Crete and in Mediterranean and is connected daily to Piraeus port. It is lying east of Chania, in a very strategic place and for this has been placed in the coast, an American base of NATO. The Byzantine archaeological spaces in the Apterous, as well as the islet of Souda are worth visiting. There are hotels in order to lodge and many comforts, such as taverns, sport activities, bars and commercial shops.


Sfakia is situated in distance of 70 kilometers from Chania, in the south-western coast of Crete. It is a mountainous village near White Mountain and it is the suitable village in order to begin the exploration in mountainous Crete, with first destination the Samaria Gorge. Sfakia is a traditional village, which maintains its authenticity, despite the tourist movement. There are not many lodgings, but there are a lot of restaurants in order to try all Cretan traditional dishes. Sfakia village is famous for the bravery of its residents and the faith in the tradition. The residents follow the customs, use the Cretan dialect and wear the Cretan traditional costume. This village is the jewel of Chania prefecture and you should visit it, in order to feel the Cretan tradition!


Apart from Sfakia, another mountainous village in altitude of 580 metres is Therissos. It is located in the foot of White Mountain, in distance of 20 kilometres south of Chania. It has a big production of dairy products, but it became famous thanks to its historical importance and its relation with the big Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos. It is an ideal resort for family vacations, far from the crowd and the disturbances and offers enough hotels for your stay.

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