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The ferry company Cyclades Fast Ferries started operatinh ferry routes in Greece in 1989. Cyclades Fast Ferries serves ferry itineraries from the port of Rafina in Attica to the islands of Andros, Tinos and Mykonos. Rafina is the second biggest port of Attica and ferries depart daily. The port of Rafina can be reached by car or by bus. The route from Pedion Areos in the Athens city center to Rafina Port lasts 1 hour and the bus ticket costs 2,20€.

Book your ferry tickets with Cyclades Fast Ferries offers you the chance to book your ferry tikets with Cyclades Fast Ferries for all the itineraries of its fleet to Ionian, Italy, Dodekanisa and Cyclades. The new ferry search engine of will show you with a simple search all available ferry itineraries of Cyclades Fast Ferries to the destination you prefer and by following simple steps you will be able to buy your ferry tickets in advance and organise your trip to Greece better and on time. The reservation is realised in real time using your credit card or making the reservation with the help of personnel of You can pick up your ferry tickets from our offices in the centre of Athens, or from your departure port, simply with the use of code that is dispatched to you in your electronic address. Also you can choose them to be sent to the address you wish by UPS Courier.

Cyclades Fast Ferries Routes

  • The ferry company Cyclades Fast Ferries recently added to its fleet (in 2007) the ship Theologos P., a modern ship that can also transport cars. The total capacity of the ship is estimated to 1200 passengers and 400 vehicles or 70 trucks.
  • The ferry itineraries of Thelologos depart from the port of Rafina and connect the islands of Andros, Tinos and Mykonos. The ferry itineraries are more frequent during the summer period.

Useful information on Cyclades Fast Ferries

  • According to Cyclades Fast Ferries' rules, children up tol 4 years old are eligible to a 100% discount
  • All children from 4 to 11 years old are eligible to a 50% discount.

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