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Getting to Zante

Zakynthos, the “Flower of East”, is the southernmost and third in size of the Ionian Islands. Its geographic place makes it easily accessible from each place of Greece and is a favorite tourist resort of Greeks of foreigners. You can reach Zakynthos by airplane. The international airport of Zakynthos “Dionysios Solomos” is situated in the southern part of the island, in distance of 4 kilometers from the capital and you can go there by taxi or by private vehicle. There is air connection with Athens International Airport “Eleytherios Venizelos”, 2 or 3 times daily and the flight lasts 1 hour. Zakynthos is also air-connected with Kephalonia, Corfu and Thessaloniki, but not daily. During the high tourist period Zakynthos is connected with flights charter to a lot of big European cities, in England, France, Holland, Italy and other. You can find cheap air tickets if you make reservation early or if you travel during low tourist period. You can book your air tickets from

You can reach Zakynthos by sea, because the port is connected with Kyllini in north-western Peloponnese. Ferry boats depart daily every hour and the trip lasts one hour. However, collect information from the ports because the ferry timetable changes very often according to the season.You can book your ferry tickets to Zakynthos from

You can reach Kyllini ether by private vehicle or by bus (KTEL), from Athens, Thessaloniki or Patra. From Athens and Patra there are daily bus services to Kyllini and the trip lasts 4, 5 and 1, 5 hour respectively. The bus service from Thessaloniki is weekly and the trip to Kyllini lasts roughly 8, 5 hours. In each occasion exists a direct link by car-ferry-boat to Zakynthos. Zakynthos is also connected to Kephalonia from the port of Saint Nikolaos, in Volimes. Ferry boats depart frequently during summer months and the trip lasts 1 hour. Finally, 3 or 4 times a week arrive in Zakynthos super fast-ferries directly from Italy.

Getting around when in Zakynthos


The KTEL bus service in the island of Zakynthos is located near the port and is very well organized. There are posted the timetables and the prices of tickets. Tickets are very cheap and you can buy one either at the bus station or in the bus. From the capital of island you can reach by bus many locations such as: Argasi, Vasilikos, Porto-Roma, Lake Candle, Alykes, Volimes, Saint Nikolaos, Laganas, Tsilivi, Alikanas, Kipseli and many others.


The road network of Zakynthos is very well constructed and for this, is absolutely safe the transportation with private vehicle. If you have not transported your car you can rent a car from It is a very practical and comfortable way in order to explore the island and admire the beautiful locations. However always carry your driving licence with you and use your seat bealts and never drive while you have drank!!!


However, if you do not want to drive, you can use the taxis. It is easy to find a taxi in Zakynthos because there are enough stations and a service of radio-taxi. For the most popular tourist destinations the charge is predetermined. For any other destination there is a meter that begins from a minimal charge.


Finally, as in the all islands of Greece, thus in Zakynthos there is the possibility of boat transportation. You can rent a boat or use the taxi-boats, in order to visit beautiful steep regions of the island, such as the beach in the Shipwreck, the Caves or Marathonisi. It is a very pleasant way TO visit regions which are not accessible by other means of transport. At the central port of the island you can find taxi-boat or you can rent one from a company.

Useful advice

Avoid reaching Zakynthos during peak days and hours (late the morning or late the afternoon) because the port and the airport will be over-crowded by nervous people. The ideal is reaching the island early in the morning or late the evening when the movement is less, so as to avoid the intensity. Be careful when you drive during night because there are many crazy drivers. Finally, if you suffer from sea sickness it would be better to avoid getting around by boat. The sea is unpredictable and if a cool breeze blows you will feel sick.

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