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Getting to Skiathos

Skiathos is one of the four inhabited islands of Sporades complex, the other three being Skyros, Skopelos and Alonissos. It's quite close to mainland Greece, only a few kilometres on the east of Mount Pelion in central Greece.


You can fly to Skiathos on the daily scheduled flights of Olympic Airlines from Athens all year long. The tickets' prices are relatively cheap. There are also numerous charter flights coming in the island in the summer season from European cities like London, Manchester, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, Milan, Oslo, Trontheim, Stavanger, Stockholm, Goeteborg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Belgrade. You can book your air tickets from Arriving in Skiathos airport, the most convenient way to get in the town (4km) is taking a taxi.


The alternatives to a plane trip are the ferry boats, the hydrofoils and the “Flyingcats”, leaving from Agios Constantinos (165 km from Athens) and Volos (321 km from Athens or 204 km from Thessaloniki) ports, connecting Skiathos also with Skopelos and Alonissos two more of the Sporades islands chain. You can book your ferry tickets to Skiathos from Hydrofoils and “Flyingcats” cover the trip distance almost in half time (in one hour and a half from Agios Constantinos and one hour and a quarter from Volos) than ferry boats do (reaching a speed of 44 knots, while ferries seldom if ever overpass 18). They cost though the double price per person. It is important to remark that the speedy boats (hydrofoils & “Flyingcats”) can not take cars or motorbikes on board and their cability to travel depends on weather. On too windy days, itineraries may be cancelled and passengers must take a plane or the ferry to get back in mainland Greece.

Getting around Skiathos

Getting around in Skiathos Island is quite easy and many optionsskiathos map are available like public transportation (bus), taxis, boats or renting a


If you intend to explore the northern side of the island and the mountains, which are less developed and access is difficult (the infrastructure is consisted of a network of dirt roads), then you should better rent a small all terrain vehicle or motorbike. You can rent a car at Skiathos from Motorbikes could prove to be more convenient and certainly cheaper. Otherwise, should you wish to experience the mainstream tourist sites, taking a taxi or the bus should be adequate.


You can always call a taxi on +30 2427021460 or just hail for one when you find it on the road (second option is cheaper). Before getting into the taxi, it would be wise to ask for the precise cost of your trip. Though it is not the rule, there are drivers who overcharge their clients.


The buses in Skiathos, take three itineraries. The basic is the one connecting Skiathos Town to Koukounaries (14 km southwest covered in half an hour) after stopping in 24 spots: 0. Skiathos Town, 1. Skiathos Town - Delta, 2. Skiathos Town - Platania, 3. Skiathos Town - Sfageia, 4. Skiathos Town - Acropolis, 5. Megali Ammos, 6. Mytikas, 7. Vasilias, 8. Vasilias (Vrisi), 9. Agios Taxiarhis, 10. Achladies, 11. Sklithri, 12. Tzaneria, 13. Vromolimnos, 14. Kolios, 15. Makri Katalima, 16. Agia Paraskevi, 17. Poros, 18. Eikonistria, 19. Troulos, 20. Amoni, 21. Maratha, 22. Mandraki, 23. Strofilia, 24. Agia Eleni, 25. Koukounaries. It leaves every 20 minutes and the value for money is high (the ticket is less than 2€). Remember to avoid on the way back, the hours in between 18:00 and 21:00 in the high season (July & August), when the buses are overcrowded. Nevertheless if you need to take the bus from Koukounaries at this time take this practical tip: Walk back to the last stop before Koukounaries, jump in the bus coming to the beach and you will be seated for the rest of the trip back to Skiathos Town. The buses take two more itineraries from Skiathos Town: One for Xanemos on the north east and one more for Moni Evagelistrias to the north.


Last and certainly not least is the "kaiki" option. "Kaiki" is called the traditional Greek boat which was used in the past for fishing and commerce transport. Nowadays, locals use these boats for showing tourists their birthplace beauties. Taking a "kaiki", you could visit not only popular (e.g. Achladies, Vromolimnos) or isolated (e.g. Kastro, Lalaria, Aselinos, Kehria) beaches and uninhabited islets (e.g. Tsougrias) but the neighbouring islands of Skopelos and Alonissos too (leaving from Skiathos Town at 09:30 - 10.00 in the morning and coming back in the evening at 17:00). We strongly recommend you to try a ride on a "kaiki", unless you could feel sea sick. If you were lucky enough you could even meet dolphins on your way on a "kaiki".

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