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Getting to Rhodes

You can go to Rhodes using sea transport either by ferry boat or by high speed catamaran boats. From Piraeus port there are daily departures for all Dodecanese Islands. Usually the boats travel during night. Certain boats go direct to Rhodes, while some other stop in other islands, such as in Patmos, in Kalymnos, in Leros, in Kos. Ticket prices for Rhodes vary, depending on the season you will select to visit the island, as well as the type of boat. The duration of travel is from 13 until 17 hours and for this reason it would be a good idea to have a cabin in order to sleep a little. Rhodes is connected by sea (less frequent connection) with other Greek ports, such as Thessalonici, Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. You can book your ferry tickets to Rhodes from fantasticgreece.com.

Alternatively, many people opt to travel to the island of Rhodes by plane, because the trip by boat is too long. Planes depart very often during summer months from the airports of Athens Eleytherios Benizelos, Thessaloniki, Crete as well as others on the aegean islands. During the tourist high season in July-August there is also direct air connection with a lot of European cities or Turkish cities. Air ticket prices can be particularly low, if you make the reservation far in advance. You can book your air tickets from fantasticgreece.com. Diagoras international airport of Rhodes is located in the western part of the island, 14 kilometers from the capital and you can go there by taxi or by private means of transport.

Getting around when on the island of Rhodes


Taxis in Greece are used very often as means of transport because they are quick.rhodes mapIt can be more expensive than the bus, but in contrast to other cities abroad taxis in Greece are very cheap. In Rhodes there are a lot of stations where you can find a taxi, but there is also the possibility of using your telephone (radio taxi) to book one. In the second case, the taxi comes to you and you do not need to wait at the station in order to get one. However, it costs a little more. Taxis in Rhodes are blue with white roof tops. Even if there is a limit in the price that you will pay for each destination, taxis in Rhodes have meters that begin from a minimal charge. Of course do not forget that during the night there is double charge as in most Greek destinations if not all of them.


Buses in Rhodes offer the possibility to get around to many parts of the island in a pleasant and cheap way. You can buy tickets from the bus station or inside the bus, from the driver. There are 2 different bus services:

  • Municipal transportation company RODA (2241 0 26300-24129)
    Buses make routes in the centre of the city, in suburbs (for example Kastri, Ialysos, Maritsa, Paradeisi), and in the western side of theisland (for example Theologos, Eleoysa, Platania).
  • KTEL (2241 0 27706-75134)
    KTEL buses travel to the regions in the Eastern side of the island such as Faliraki, Afantoy, Archangelos, Lindos,Kallithea.


Rhodes is one of the largest islands in Greece and for this it is difficult for you to get around without a private car. You can bring your car with the boat, but it does not worth to do it. It is preferable, but also necessary to rent a car, for at least 2 days, so as you can explore the island comfortably and fast. In order to rent a car you can use our car hire service for the Greek islands. Having a car gives you the opportunity to visit places you could not see by bus. However always carry your driving licence with you and use your seat belt and never drive while you have drank!!!


Finally, as in all islands, in Rhodes there is the possibility of transportation by small boat. There are small boats that can transfer you in certain steep beaches of the island or in various smaller nearby islands. At the port in Mantraki you can find information on the routes and ticket prices.

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