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Local Cuisine

In the island of Rhodes you will have the chance to eat everything you want, from fast food to French and Chinese food, as there is a great variety of restaurants. Of course, you should try the local cuisine of Rhodes, which includes Greek traditional dishes, with certain small differentiations. There is a great variety of dishes that can satisfy every gourmet, those who prefer meat, those who prefer fish and vegetarians. Some local traditional dishes of Rhodes are named below:

  • Hilopites: is a delicious kind of pasta, which is accompanied with tomato sauce or meat.
  • Mousaka: is a very popular oven baked Greek dish which contains potatoes, aubergines and bechamel. You just have to try it!
  • At Afantou village a famous special dish is called pitaroudia. All local dishes at this village include cooked meat with onions and potatoes.
  • Baklava, Kataifi and Belekounia are delicious local sweets with honey syrup.

Recommended Restaurants of Rhodes


This restaurant is located 7 kilometres south west of Rhodes Town, in Ialyssos. It is open daily from the morning up to midnight. It is one of the most famous restaurants in Greece. It serves traditional Rhodian dishes and for sure the imagination of the chef will satisfy even the most difficult customers. All dishes are delicious and the environment is very friendly.

Panorama restaurant

It is located at the east part of the island, near Lindos Acropolis. It is the ideal place for a romantic dinner because the panoramic view it offers is very beautiful. It serves a great variety of dishes, including meat and seafood. The service is great and prices are reasonable.


Dinoris is located in the Old Town of Rhodes and is one of the oldest restaurants of the island. It is famous for the great gastronomy options and the high service quality.


Arhontiko is a restaurant-ouzeri located in Zefiros, at the eastern part of the island. Apart from the classical Greek dishes, you can taste many appetizers (mezedes), such as the delicious conchs with special sauce, which accompany the local ouzo. It is always full of customers, locals or foreigners and prices are very reasonable.


Palermo is an italian restaurant located in the Old Town. If you want to eat something different apart from the Greek delicacies be sure to try Palermo. Pizzas and spaghettis are cooked from Italian staff. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in a wonderfully decorated place in the Old Town.


Indigo is a grill restaurant / ouzeri located at Madraki port. The owners are very friendly and the menu delicious. You can taste a great variety of salads and Greek and Turkish dishes. The speciality of the restaurant is the aubergine salad (althoufh).


Paragadi is a fish tavern in Zefiros. Visit it if you want to enjoy fresh fish and every kind of seafood at very reasonable prices and in a beautiful setting.


If you would like something more private for dinner this is the place for you. Customers have the opportunity to choose a private room in order to taste the wonderful dishes, in a relaxing and romantic environment.


Mimakos restaurant is situated on the top of a hill outside of Faliraki. Getting there might be quite hard so ask around for instructions. The view is panoramic and the location splendid. You can eat everything you want, from meat to salads. During your dinner you will have the chance to listen to Greek traditional music (rempetika) playing. Local wine is essential to accompany the food.


Mikes restaurant can be found in the Old City and offers delicious food that is rather cheap. Prefer it if you want something simple, far from over-crowded restaurants.

A list of restaurants in Rhodes

DinorisOld Town
MelathronOld Town
Palia IstoriaEpta Piges
Arhontiko Zefiros
Elalfi MithiaLindos
Tsambikos TavernKalithea (Kavourakia)
Panorama Restaurant Lindos
Antonis TavernIalyssos
PalermoOld Town
IndigoMadraki Harbour
MikesIppokratous Square

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