Rethymnon Crete, Greece

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Fortezza is the fortress in Rethymno and is 1.307 meters long. It is the most impressive building in the city of Rethymno, built on the hill, with a panoramic view to the port and to the plain. Fortezza was a classic fortress absolutely organized with residences, barracks, deposits and shelters. It was constructed in order to protect Rethymno from enemy attacks.


The Archaeological Museum is located in region Fortezza, in Rethymno. You can see various findings from Neolithic and Romaic period, such as a great collection of currencies, jewels and various tools. There is also a ceramic collection, from Minoan season. The museum is open daily, 8.30pm-3pm, except of Mondays.


The Ecclesiastic Museum is found in Mitropoleos Square, in Rethymno. It was built in 1994 and allocates a lot of ecclesiastical utensils of the last 150 years, and holy heirlooms.


You can visit it daily, except of Sundays, in the building where is accommodated, in the centre of the capital. There are various traditional objects from the daily life such as ceramic objects, embroideries, handmade laces and traditional costumes.

ARCADI MONASTERY (2831 0 83116)

Arcadi Monastery is one of the most important monuments in Crete and in entire Greece. Its historical importance is dated in the 1866, when the island was found under Turkish domination. Turks sent soldiers in the region and the residents found refuge in the Monastery, in order to be protected from the attack. However, this did not prevent them to attack against the monastery. The residents proved their patriotism and their heroism, bombing alone the monastery, killing Turks and Greeks. This is one of the most famous examples of self-sacrifice in the Greek history. You can go there daily 8pm-8am during summer, and 9pm-6am during winter.

PREVELI MONASTERY (2832 0 31246)

You will meet it in the southern part of Rethymno prefecture, after the river Koyrtaliotis, nearby the village Asomatos. It is extended in length of 3 kilometers and includes 2 monasteries. You can visit the little churches dedicated to Saint Ioannis and admire the great icons. The monastery had a big historical importance because it was used as fort when the island was under possession. From the courtyard you will have a panoramic view to Livyko Sea. You can go daily 9.00pm up to the sunset, except the hours 1.30-3.30 am, because the monastery is closed.


Faistos is one of the most important archaeological monuments of Crete and entire Greece. The monuments are dated in Minoan period. You will find it in Mesaras plain and you can visit it daily from 8.30pm up to 3.00pm.

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