Piraeus in Athens Greece

Transportation guide for Piraeus Piraeus transportation Piraeus transport Pireo trasporti transportacion en Piraeus

Buses and Trolleys to Piraeus

Piraeus, Athens and its outskirts have a well organised and frequent transportation network. Tourists may get maps with the bus lines from the Greek National Tourist Organization or find them at the site of Athens Urban Transportation Organization www.oasa.gr. Moreover verbal info from local on major routes will be useful on which bus or trolley bus to choose (all buses have their route number and destination on the front). People are most of the times eager to help you, so do not hesitate to ask whatever you need.

Bus and trolley bus tickets cost 1€ (0.50€ reduced admission) and can be easily purchased by kiosks, special booths or even mini markets near bus stations. Tickets are validated inside the vehicle. Do not miss to validate your ticket once you ender the vehicle and keep it until you get off it, otherwise you may be obliged to pay fine.

Metro (or Subway) to Piraeus

Piraeus is linked with the rest of Athens with Line 1 - Green Line which runs from the Port of Piraeus to Kifisia from 05:00am to 00:30am. From there passengers may change to another line in order to reach their destination. The other 2 lines are:

  • Line 2 - Red Line (from Aghios Antonios to Dafni running from 05:30' to 24:00')
  • Line 3 - Blue Line (from Athens Airport to Central Egaleo running from 05:30' to 24:00')
Each ticket costs 1 euro. There is also a reduced fare for the price of 0.50 euro and it is valid for students (with a valid student card). Tickets are valid for 90 minutes after they have been validated. One must validate their ticket at the machines at the entrance of each station. Control is frequent. Passengers that fail to show a validated ticket or a monthly card are requested to pay 60 times the price of a standard ticket (60 euro).


Greek taxis are very cheap comparing to European standards. All licensed taxis are equipped with metres (the fare is charged per km) and have a latest tariffs and surcharges' card. Taxis are easily found on the street but you can also call a radio-taxi company and ask for a taxi in a specific place and time.

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