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CHURCH OF EKATONTAPILIANI, tel. (+30)22840 21243 (museum)

The church of Ekatontapiliani is among the most important Byzantine monuments not only in Cyclades but also in the whole Greece. It is only 200 meters from the port in the capital of Paros, Parikia. The church is dedicated to Virgin Mary and for this each year on the 15th of August many religious events take placeparos icon. According to the local tradition the church was founded in the 4th century AD by Saint Helen, mother of Saint Konstantinos (emperor of the Byzantine Empire), and is 1600 years old. Ekatontapiliani is a grand church, which will surely amaze all visitors. Actually it is not one, but three churches in one because two chapels are located at the right and the left of the entrance. The visitors entering the cathedral can admire its unique dome, the old Byzantine icons and other religious objects. In the arcade of the church there is a museum and a small shop that sells religious books. The temple remains open all day up to 8 in the evening, while the museum is open between 10.00-14.00 in the morning and 18.00-21.00 in the evening.

ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM, tel. (+30)22840 21231

The archaeological museum of Paros is located behind the cathedral church Ekatontapiliani, opposite from the courtyard of the local school. In this museum you can admire the chronicle of history of the island. There exhibits from the prehistoric settlements Saliagos and Kastro in Paroikia. You can also admire important findings from Neolithic to the Roman era, rich collection of vases and sculptures, as well as collect information for important persons such as poets and artists. Open daily 8.30-3.00, except Monday.


They are located in the region of Marathi in Paros and even though they are abandoned they are well worth visiting. It is the place where the unique white transparent marble of Paros was produced. Its name is famous world wide because it was used in the manufacture of such masterpieces as Hermes of Praxiteles and Venus de Milo. Crossing the marble path, you pass through a few old buildings and you can find the entry of quarries at the end of that path.


In the higher point of Parikia a Frankish castle from the 15th century used to stand.It was built from the Venetian landlord Somaripa. Today however only a wall exists but you can visit the many churches around the area.


Antiparos is a small island south-west of Paros, in a distance of 4 miles. You can go there by boat from Parikia or Punda (be careful not to confuse Punda with Punda Beach), in half an hour for a small ticket price. It is the ideal place for family vacations, far from the trouble and the crowd. Be sure to visit the cave on the mountain, the Venetian castle and to attend to the traditional religious celebrations on July. This cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites and is very impressive. Antiparos is suitable for a one-day trip or even spending your entire vacation there although hotels are very limited there. Much as its name suggests (Antiparos means the opposite of Paros in Greek) it has a very quiter pace of life and only one nightclub.

A List of places to visit in Paros including the ones mentioned above

Church of Ekatontapiliani Parikia
Archeological Museum Parikia
Ancient Cemetery Parikia
Venetian Castle Parikia
Venetian Castle Naoussa
Marble Quarries Marathi
Agias Trias Cathedral Lefkes
Museum of popular culture Lefkes
An Amphitheatre Lefkes
Folkloric Museum Aliki
Pytheion Temple Parikia
Monastery of Longovardas On the road to Naoussa
Church of Agios Nikolaos Naoussa
Antiparos cave Antiparos

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