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Transportation guide for Kos Kos transportation Kos transport Coo trasporti transportacion en Kos transportul Kos

Getting to Kos


The central port of Kos is located in the capital of the island. From Piraeus port there is daily connection with Dodecanese Islands by ferry boats. The trip lasts from 12 up to 16 hours, depending on your destination. The boat of line connects the islands Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, Phodes daily. During summer there is daily coastal connection with Bontroum, in Turkey. Also, there is less frequent connection with the islands of Cyclades, Thessalonica, Alexandroupoli, Crete, Chios, Mitilini. During the high tourist period, are organized daily excursions with dolphins or small boats for the nearby islands: Nisyros, Kalymnos, Fourni, Ikaria, Leipsi, Leros, Agathonisi, Astypalaia. The itineraries can change, depending on the tourist movement, and for this you should you be informed in the port. You can book your ferry tickets to Kos from fantasticgreece.com.


The international airport of Kos “Hippocrates” is located at south-western part of the island, in a distance of 26 kilometers from the capital, near the village Antimachia. The airport is accessible by car or by buses of the Olympic airways. There is a daily connection Athens-Kos, at least 2 times during summer months. Also, during summer there are direct charter flights to the island, from many European cities. If you make a reservation enough time earlier, you can find a cheap ticket. You can book your air tickets from fantasticgreece.com. The flight from Athens lasts about one hour.

Getting around in Kos Island


In Kos the bus service is very well organized. kos mapYou can reach a lot of regions of the island, with cheap tickets. In the capital of the island you can use the municipal bus, but you can reach the most distant regions using the KTEL. The itineraries are enough frequent and the central station of buses is found in the centre, at Cleopatra Street. Some of the villages that you can visit are Mastichari, Saint Stefanos, Tigaki, Kefalos, Pyli, Asklipieion, and Saint Fokas.


The taxi is another alternative transportation way, faster and more expensive. In Kos you can find easily a taxi, in the centre or in other regions, either at the taxi-stations, or by phone with the service of radio-taxi. The charge for the most popular destinations is predetermined, and for the others there is a taxi-meter.


Renting a car is suitable for long distanced and isolated areas. Having a car gives you the opportunity to visit places you could not see by bus. However always carry your driving licence with you and use your seat belt and never drive while you have drank!!! You can rent a car at kos from fantasticgreece.com.

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