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Local Cuisine

Crete Island is famous for its tasty and absolutely healthy cuisine. Cretan diet is a representative example of the well known Mediterranean diet and has a long tradition. Cretans include in their diet agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, grasses, legumes, horticultural and bread. This diet is the secret of their health. The olive oil is a basic ingredient of Cretan cuisine, which protects the heart and all vital body organs. You should try the local wine, from the enormous Cretan vineyards, as well as the local raki (tsikoudia), both of which supplement Cretan dinner very well. You can also find spicy cheese and the Cretan rusks of high quality, superior taste and great nutritional value. Meat has a small part in Cretan diet, fish and fish soups however are present more often than not in any Cretan meal. Finally, great elements of the Cretan diet are the sweets, made by local honey, which is produced in an absolutely natural way. Indicatively in the prefecture of Chania, but also in entire Crete, you can try the delicacies presented below:

  • Chochlius: snails that are cooked in a lot of ways, either boiled in salt water with onions and tomato sauce and are titbits for raki, or fried in olive oil, with vinegar and rosemary.
  • Kakkavia: is the tastiest fish soup that you have ever tried! It includes fish (every fish you can imagine), a lot of lemon, olive oil, potatoes and onions for unique perfume.
  • Ahinosalata (echinus salad): even if it is an expensive titbit in order to accompany a glass of raki, it is worth trying.
  • Dakos: it is a snack made by barley bread, soaked in water and vinegar, which is accompanied with small pieces of tomato, garlic and onion, and feta cheese.
  • Apaki: smoked meat, usually lamb.
  • Ofto: meat cooked in earthen utensil and fried non pilled potatoes. Staka: dairy product, a kind of butter, custard from fresh milk that is used in many dishes.
  • Gamopilafo: it is the most famous Cretan dish, a kind of risotto, cooked with sauce from meat and staka.
  • Cheeses: mizithra, anthotyro, Cretan gruyere.
  • Kaltsounia: sweet snack with Cretan honey of exceptional quality.
  • Bougatsa: special sweet. It is a kind of pie, such as the cheese pie, that includes custard cheese and sugar.

Recommended Restaurants of Chania


In the popular resort of Georgioupoli one of most popular snack bars is located. It is open all day and serves from coffee and breakfast, up to rich dinners. The view to the sea is unique and the environment very pleasant and friendly. The staff is more than willing to serve you at any moment! You will like it and you will want to go again and again!

GALAXY FISH TAVERN (2823 0 41059)

It is located in the south-western part of Paleochora, in a beautiful location. It is famous for the quality and the freshness of its products. It serves a great variety of fishes and seafood, tasty appetizers and other dishes from Cretan cuisine. The prices are very competitive and the service excellent!

NEORIO RESTAURANT (2825 0 61498)

You will find Neorio in distance of 70 meters from Georgioupoli beach, near the old port. The menu includes a big variety of dishes and wines, at very good prices. Is ideal for family dinners and offers playground for children and even a small library.

KONAKI RESTAURANT (2821 0 97130)

In one of the most picturesque narrow streets of the Old City of Chania, you will meet Konaki. It is open all year round and you can visit it, in order to relax in a traditional environment. Try unique dishes from the Cretan and the Greek cuisine, under the sounds of Greek traditional music.

COSMOS RESTAURANT (2821 0 68558)

In Platanias resort, in Chania, Cosmos restaurant is situated in the highest point, offering a panoramic view to the sea. Select it, if you want to pass a separate night, in a luxurious environment, which can satisfy even the most difficult customers. It serves a rich variety of dishes from Cretan and international cuisine, as well as a big variety of Greek and Spanish wines.


It is one of the most popular restaurants in Platanias, outside of Chania. It is open since 1998, willing to serve its customers. Apart from the tasty dishes and the splendid wines, you will be impressed by the relaxing atmosphere and the friendly staff!

PERASMA TAVERN (2821 0 62145)

In the beautiful city of Chania you will meet Perasma tavern in the historical location of Maleme. With faith in the Cretan diet, is ready to offer you the best lamb roast in oven, as well as everything you want! It is open all day; the prices are very reasonable and it is an ideal place for family dinners, because it has a playground.

ZEPOS & MOURELO (2821 0 94100)

One of the oldest taverns in Chania and particularly popular, so much to the locals, as much as to the foreigners, located in the Coast Kountourioti in the old Venatian port. Menu includes dishes from the Greek and Cretan cuisine, cooked with unique local recipes. Visit it in order to feel the Cretan hospitality and try the splendid Cretan dishes.

THOLOS RESTAURANT (2821 0 51415)

It is located in the Old City of Chania, in a two-storied building of Venetian architecture. Menu is very rich and includes all Cretan delicacies. The special dish of the restaurant is the eminent Cretan salad, which contains ten different species of vegetables, as well as the myzithropita (cheese pie) with honey. Enjoy a genuine Cretan dinner, under the sounds of traditional Cretan music!

LA GRANDE TRATTORIA (2821 0 41252)

If you want to live a unique gastronomic experience, that marries the Italian and Greek cuisine, visit La Grande Trattoria. It is found in the city of Chania and with a great experience in the Greek and Italian cuisine, is ready to lead you to a splendid travel of flavors, in a traditional space, at very reasonable prices.

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