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Rhodes, the island of Knights, has a rich history and has developed with the passage of the years, important culture. In the past, the dominance of foreign conquerors influenced the culture of Rhodes and the life of residents. Rhodes was the capital of medieval aristocracy and today there are a lot of impressive historical and modern monuments that you should visit.

Old City

The old City of Rhodes is the biggest medieval city in Europe. It is considered to be one of the most important monuments of world cultural heritage.rhodes knights road It is a very picturesque city, with narrow streets and buildings of traditional architecture. Make a walk around and you can admire the medieval castle, the gates, the towers, the squares, the medieval churches, the bridges. Of course, you should not omit to visit the Castle of Knights, the old Clock and the Acropolis, in which you will see a lot of monuments such as the Temple of Zeus and Athena, the Temple of Apollo and the stadium. In the old city you feel like living in another season and you will like it so much, that you will not want to leave.

The Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the 7 wonders of the world, standed imposing at the port entracne and the ships passed beneath it. It was a bronze statue of 31 meters tall that needed 12 years in order to be constructed. 66 years after its construction, it was destroyed by an earthquake, it was not reconstructed.

Ancient Lindos

Lindos is another ancient city of Rhodes and is located 31 miles south-east of the capital. Lindos is the jewel of Rhodes and perhaps the most picturesque city of the island. There are mansions and narrow streets. Lindos Acropolis is almost so much famous, as much as the Acropolis in Athens. You can admire the ancient temple and the towers.

Ancient Ialyssos

The Acropolis in Ialyssos is another eminent historical monument and is located on the north part of the island. There are ruins from the Achaic, Byzantine and knight's period. The Dorian temple of Athena, the church of Knights and the medieval monastery, are some of the most worth-visiting monuments.

Ancient Kamiros

Ancient Kamiros was one from the three most active cities of Rhodes. It is located in a distance of 22 miles south-west from the capital, on the side of a hill. The city was destroyed by an earthquake and today you can visit the ruins that were discovered in the excavations. Most ruins were from the Hellenistic period and belong to the Temple of Athena, to the ancient market and to Dorian temples.

Aquarium ( tel. 2241 0 27308)

The aquarium is located in the New City of Rhodes and measures 80 years of life. Its aim is the study of flora and fauna that is developed around the Dodecanese Islands. At the exhibitions you can admire rare marine types, turtles and monk seals. If you are ecologists or not, you will be surprised from the unique spectacle.

Valley of the Butterflies ( tel. 2241 0 81801)

The valley of the Butterflies is located 15 kilometers south-west of the capital. The environment is very beautiful, because it is surrounded by hills, with a lot of trees and streams. Hundreds of colorful butterflies select places such as this, in order to lay their eggs. The valley is full of butterflies during the summer period, from June to September, which is also the peak tourist period. This fact is disturbing because tourists many times make trouble and the butterflies are bothered. For this reason, try to not cause a lot of noise. It is a very beautiful location for relax and there is a restaurant in order to enjoy a dinner in a shady place during the hot days of the summer. Finally, there is a shop that sells products that have a relation with butterflies.

Seven Springs

The Seven Springs are located in a distance of 19 miles south-east of the capital. The location is splendid, with a lot of pines and plane trees and for this reason, the temperature is lower. There is a lake that is constituted by 7 springs and you can see geese, ducks and peacocks. Do not omit to visit this shady part and have lunch in the tavern with the panoramic view to the mountains.

Municipal Museum of Modern Greek Art ( tel. 2241 0 23766-36646)

This museum is located in the medieval city, at Simi square. The museum of Modern Art is a not profitable municipal institution and its aim is the study and promotion of Modern Greek culture, to the local and international community. The museum includes 3 exhibitions: Gallery, New Gallery, and Modern Art Centre. There is a rich collection of painting, engraving and sculpture. The museum renews the exhibitions often and organizes events in order to inform the public for subjects of art and culture.

Archeological Museum ( 2241 0 31048-79601)

The archaeological Museum of Rhodes is situated in the capital of Rhodes. You can admire objects from the Hellenistic period such as vases, ceramic objects, sarcophaguses, statues. Here is also the eminent statue of Venus of Rhodes, that was manufactured the 5th B.C. century and it is the jewel of the museum.

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