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Local Cuisine

The local cuisine of Paros is the traditional Greek cuisine with certain small differentiations. Some local traditional dishes of Paros are named below:

  • Mizithra is a white cheese from goat milk and replaces in salads and in other dishes the well known Greek cheese, feta.
  • Gouna, which is roasted mackerel.
  • Karavalous, which are snails that are accompanied by a delicious sauce.
  • A lot of dishes with seafood, as octopus, squid and all kinds of fish.
  • Petimezinia and pumpkin pie, which are locally tastful sweets.

Recommended Restaurants of Paros


In the region of Naoussa, front in the harbour you will meet the fish restaurant Barbarossa. Serving fresh fishes and seafood cooked with Greek recipes, it offers a separate tasty enjoyment.


At Ampelas in front of the sea are located the tables from the ouzo restaurant Christiana. Open all day from early in the morning up to late the evening, it serves from coffees and breakfasts to delicious dishes, in very good prices.


It is one from the fish-restaurants that is famous, for home cooked dishes of seafood. The fresh fishes are cooked with traditional Greek recipes. If you are fan of the good fish cuisine, select it.


After the "Oyzeri ton naytikon" the householder exploiting his long-lasting experience, it extends the dishes of Greek cuisine in this fish restaurant.


Mitsis located in the beach of Agios Dimitrios, in Naoussa and it offers a big variety of fish and seafood. The atmosphere is very friendly and the prices reasonable.


It is a classic family tavern with traditionally cooked dishes. The materials are home made and for this the dishes are very tasty.


It is a classic Greek tavern in Santa Maria, with separate environment, splendid meat and fish dishes and very reasonable prices. Do not omit to try the special dish which is mussels with pasta and tomato.

Palaia Agora

It is from the most traditional ouzeri in the island of Paros and it serves a big variety of seafood that accompanies wine or ouzo. Certain times, exists also orchestra that plays lively traditional Greek music. If you visit it you will live a different experience!


It is from the few taverns in Paros where you can dine in the company of a live band. Apart from the splendid food, it promises evenings with filled with songs and dancing.


It is the ideal restaurant to cover every food-preference, because apart from the Greek dishes it also serves Asiatic dishes. The prices are very reasonable and the service very quick.


The environment is special, because the restaurant is located next to the sea. The atmosphere is very friendly and is the ideal place for familial dinners. It offers a big variety of choices, at good prices.


If you want to try something different from the Greek cuisine, visit Magaya restaurant, in order to taste oriental dishes from China and Thailand. The environment is particularly beautiful and relaxing, the food delicious and for sure you will enjoy it.

Cavo d' oroparos restaurant

It is from the oldest Italian restaurants in Paros and serves genuine Italian food. Try the speciality, wood oven pizzas. The prices are reasonable and the service very good.

Nick's Hamburgers

It is the first burger restaurant that opened in the all islands of Cyclades and for this has very good fame. Visit it if you want something tasty, but cheap and fast.

Happy Green Cows

Although it is primarily a favorite among followers of a vegetarian diet offerin a big variety from salads and vegetables, it has begun to extend the menu with chicken and seafood. The environment is particularly amusing and you will certainly have a good time.

Details for the restaurants above and a few other

Ambrosia Turkish (+30)22840 25112 Parikia, Livadia
Magaya Oriental (+30)22840 23791 Parikia, Souvlia
Tao's Center Oriental (+30)22840 28882 Ambelas
Faraon Egyptian (+30)22840 52773 Naoussa
Cactus Mexican-Latin (+30)22840 24164 Parikia, Livadia
El Pollo Loco Mexican (+30)22840 53355 Naoussa, old town
Casa Greca Italian (+30)22840 51935 Naoussa
Cavo d'oro Italian (+30)22840 22620 Parikia, Livadia
La Primavera Italian (+30)22840 53484Naoussa
Noufaro Italian (+30)22840 21171 Parikia
Le Sud French (+30)22840 51547 Naoussa
Nick's Hamburgers Burger Parikia
Happy green cows Vegetarian (+30)22840 24691 Parikia, old town
Katsounas Tavern (+30)22840 52809 Santa Maria
Tsitsanis Tavern (+30)22840 41375 Prodromos, center
Marathi Tavern (+30)22840 22243 Marathi
Tsahpinis Tavern (+30)22840 51300 Naoussa
Anna & Giorgos Tavern (+30)22840 42127 Logaras
Livadaki Beach restaurant (+30)22840 24288 Agia Irini
Pervolaria Garden restaurant (+30)22840 51598 Naoussa
Levantis Global cuisine (+30)22840 23613 Parikia
Regas Live music (+30)22840 23532 Parikia, old town
Albatros Ouzeri (+30)22840 21848 Parikia
Chalaris Ouzeri (+30)22840 43257 Piso Livadi, Port
Palaia Agora Ouzeri (+30)22840 51847 Naoussa, old town
Barbarossa Ouzeri Naoussa, port
Christiana Ouzeri (+30)22840 51573 Ambelas
Damianos Ouzeri (+30)22840 51100 Ambelas, port
Mario Ouzeri (+30)22840 51047 Naoussa, port
Mitsis Ouzeri (+30)22840 52096 Naoussa

Dining Tips

  • In Paros Island there are a lot of restaurants. For this you should be careful in your choice. Do not hesitate to ask a resident of the island, to propose you a good restaurant. Greeks enjoy dinning out and for this will consult you rightly. You can also, ask some others tourists that you will come across there.
  • When you go in a restaurant, look at the menu before you order. However, if you do not understand what each dish is, ask the chef what is it or tell him to propose you a dish.

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