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Thessaloniki transportul Thessaloniki

Getting to Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is also known as the co-capital of Greece and is the largest city after Athens. It is about 500km from Athens however it is easy for travellers to reach as there is a variety of travelling options to choose from. First of all Thessaloniki has its own international airport “Makedonia”, which is located 15km from the city's centre. There are everyday flights from Athens and other international airports all over the world. You can book your air tickets from

The city bus #78 serves travellers all day long to and from the airport. It starts from the KTEL terminal and goes to the airport. Apart from the bus there also taxis; a journey from the airport to the city centre will cost you about 8€.

Passengers can also reach Thessaloniki by railway, by KTEL (intercity buses), by car or even by sea. Trains are a good choice for reaching Thessaloniki as it is quite economic and cheap. Thessaloniki's port is one of the biggest in Greece. There are ships leaving for the Aegean islands, especially those of the north Aegean. However there are also itineraries to Cyclades' islands but the distance and the duration of the journey is big. you can book your ferry tickets from Thessaloniki to the Greek Islands from

Getting around in Thessaloniki

In general transportation inside Thessaloniki city and its suburbs is well organised and there are buses to serve the travellers.

Tickets cost 0,50€ (0,25€ reduced admission for students or elders), while the daily tickets cost 2€ (1€ reduced admission). Bear in mind that tickets issued by the in-bus ticket machines have a slight cost increase over prepaid tickets (0.60 € for regular, 0.30 € for reduced). Passengers should not miss to buy and check their tickets once they get on the bus and keep the ticket until the end of their route. Otherwise Passengers travelling without a ticket are subject to a fine which is 60 times the price of the necessary ticket.

The taxis in Thessaloniki have a dark-blue and white colour and are easily found in every corner of the city. They are reliable and they run all day and night long but they are more expensive than urban buses.

For those who decide to have your own car, you should know in advance that Thessaloniki roads are hardly ever empty. As far as parking is concerned, the best solution is to use the attended fee-parking area at Platia Eleftherias (Eletherias Square), where however you pay on exit. In general it is really hard to find a parking place, even in the suburbs. Nevertheless, if you were lucky enough and manage to find one, you have to go to a kiosk and buy blue-and-red strip parking cards which you have to cancel yourself and which last for an hour at a time. The cost is 0.90€ per hour and you should buy in advance as many cards as you count you will need, cancel them and display them in the windscreen. Otherwise you will be, almost certainly, asked to pay a fee. Finally you will have to provide yourself with a map which shows the one-way system and which will make your driving-life-in-town much easier. You can also rent a car from

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