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The most popular beach in Lefkas, located in the south-western coast of the island, in distance of 40 kilometers from the capital. It considered many times as the best beach in Greece and attracts a lot of tourists during summer. It is a sandy beach with crystal waters, surrounded by cliffs. The beach is accessible by descending 80 steps. You can go there either by car, parking it on the top of hill, or by caique from Nydri or Vassiliki port.


Kathisma beach is located in the Eastern coast of the island, in distance of 14 kilometers from the capital. It is an exotic beach, with white sand and turquoise waters. It is very well organized with sun beds, umbrellas and sport activities.


In the village Nydri, you can visit the homonym beach, which offers many comforts to the visitors. There are a lot of hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as sport activities. It is from the most cosmopolitan beaches, in the Eastern coast, in distance of 17 kilometers from the capital. The beach is ideal for sunbathing, or for swimming in the crystal-clear waters.


You will find it southern of the capital, in distance of 38 kilometers, in the village Vassiliki. This beach is particularly popular for windsurfers, who prefer it thanks to the winds. There are windsurfing and sailing clubs available, offering equipment and education to the visitors. This pebble beach is unique and ideal for people of each age. In the region you can find a variety of lodgings, bars, restaurants and commercial shops.


If you prefer a quiet, non crowded bay, visit the beach of Saint Ioannis, which abstains only 2 kilometers from the capital. It is an exotic coast with azure waters and thin sand. It is the second most popular coast for windsurfing and kite surfing.


A small, picturesque beach situated in the homonym village, in distance of 12 kilometers westwards of the capital. You will be impressed by the beautiful location and you can eat fresh fish in some of the fish taverns available around the coast.


It is another steep but wonderful beach in Lefkas. It is located between hills and is accessible only by descending 250 steps, which connect the beach to the top of the hill. Thanks to the isolated location it is very quiet, without a lot of people and is ideal for family excursions. You can rent umbrellas and sun beds. It is found in the western coast, in distance of 30 kilometers from the centre of the island but is worth visiting.


It is a popular beach, near the village Agios Nikitas, in the western coast. It is overcrowded because it is one of the most beautiful beaches, with spotless waters, ideal for swimming.

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