Hersonissos Crete, Greece

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Local Cuisine

In Hersonissos you will have the chance to taste endless Cretan delicacies such as traditional cheeses (myzithra, anthotyros and graviera), olive products (olive oil, olive pate, olive bread), aromatic honey, wine of good quality and the local drink tsikoudia or raki (arrack) which is also served warm with honey and clove. There are many cozy places where you and your company can eat various mezedes (many different plates served in small portions) like dakos, courgette crockets, Greek salad, snails, pulses, and traditional pies stuffed with a variety of stuff. Don't forget to try plainly cooked fresh fish and shellfish. Of course, Hersonissos is a tourist destination, thus you can find restaurants with international cuisine. Your options are wide in Hersonissos.

Recommended Restaurants of Hersonissos

Acropolis (Hersonissos)

Any time of the day, you can enjoy a drink, a snack, or even some local mezedes in this friendly restaurant. Located right in front of the shore.

Galini (Koutouloufari)

One of the best restaurants in Hersonissos. The owners have made their best to create the most friendly and elegant environment. The service is very helpful and professional, the menu extensive offering a variety of Cretan delicacies and the wine delicious.

Mama's Kitchen (Hersonissos)

You will cherish some home made arrack or wine accompanied by a variety of traditional mezedes cooked by the owners. The food is good and the prices are really low.

Fabrica (Koutouloufari)hersonissos salad

A very cozy and modern place where you can have breakfast and various snacks through the day. Try their ice cream, pan cakes and cocktails.

Pegasus (Koutouloufari)

Offering a wide selection of Cretan specialties, it is considered to have excellent grilled meat and fish, at reasonable prices.

A useful list of the above and more dining options and their locations:

Restaurant Location
Alia Hersonissos
Blue Porta Ano Hersonissos
Cavo d' Oro Hersonissos
Chef Hersonissos
Daedalus Koutouloufari
Dorian Garden Hersonissos
Dorian Burger Hersonissos
Esperos Koutouloufari
Galini Koutouloufari
Il Camino Hersonissos
Il Forno Hersonissos
Jiannis Hersonissos
Kavouri Hersonissos
Konaki Hersonissos
Manos Hersonissos
Nobel Hersonissos
New China Hersonissos
Passage to India Hersonissos
Platia Piscopiano
Sofos Ano Hersonissos
Soraya Hersonissos
Sundown Piscopiano
Three Brothers Piscopiano
Acropolis Hersonissos
Mama's Kitchen Hersonissos
Fabrica Koutouloufari
Pegasus Koutouloufari

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