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Information on Rethymnon Crete Port

The port of Rethymnon is connected with Piraeus (Athens port) but also with the port of Souda in Chania Crete. A Venetian wall protects the harbour. Behind the wall you will find the old, traditional town. Ferry boats connect Rethimno with the port of Piraeus in Athens daily. The itineraries are very frequent during the summer months. The cost of ferry tickets is not particularly high and varies depending on the demand and the type of the boat you will be travelling in.
In case you need more information about ferry departures and arrivals at the port of Retymnon you can call the port authorities at (+30 28310) 28971, 22276, 55150. You can also travel to Rethymno by air.

Book your ferry tickets to and from Rethymnon Crete Port

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Getting to Rethymnon Port

  • The suburban (KTEL) buses on the island of Crete are perfectly organised, due to the fact that the island of Crete is quite big. The suburban (KTEL) bus station is located in the city of Rethimno and serves travellers so as they can reach many different destinations on Crete with low cost tickets. There are buses that connect Rethymnon with the other prefectures of Crete, as well as with regions in the southern area of the prefecture. The buses that connect Rethymnon, Heraklion and vice versa depart daily and start at 6.30 AM and end at 10.30 PM. There is local transportion to the villages of the nearby region, to the hotels and to the University of Crete. If you need relative information you can call at the bus terminal: (+30 28310) 22212.
  • There are many taxi stations in Rethymnon and you can find them in the city center, in the central streets or at the port. Radio-taxi service is also available. The transfer cost is predetermined for most of the routes.
  • You will be able to travel more comfortably with your own car, otherwise you can rent one via the car search engine of FantasticGreece.com

Ferry Itineraries from Rethymnon

  • You can travel from Rethymnon to Piraeus in Athens with the ferries of Anek Lines. The ferry itineraries to Piraeus operate in a daily basis.
  • You can also travel from Rethymnon to Santorini with the ferry company Sea Jets.
  • LANE Lines has a scheduled ferry itinerary from Rethymnon to Kithira and Piraeus (Athens port).

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