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Information on Piraeus Port

Piraeus is the busiest port in Greece, the biggest port of Europe and the third biggest harbour in the world regarding the transportion of passengers. It serves almost 20 million passengers annually with destination the islands of the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea and Italy. Piraeus port is separated in three smaller ports: the central port, Marina Zeas and Mikrolimano. It is separated in gates for travellers convenience, marked with the sign 'E' and the numbers 1-12.
In case you need more information about ferry departures and arrivals from and to the harbour of Piraeus you can call at (+30 210) 4511310-17, 4226000-4 and for recorded information at 1440 and (+30 210) 4148800. Also, by calling Piraeus Port Organisation at 14541 you can receive information on ferry departures in a 24-7 base.
The costal streets that surround the port are: Vasiliadi, Ietiona, Kondili, Kallimasioti, Posidonos and Miaouli. The precise address of the central port authority is Coast Miaoyli 50, Piraeus.
Moreover, Piraeus port area offers free Wi-fi internet access. In order to connect with the wireless network you need your laptop, pda or any other device that supports wlan (WiFi 802.11), wireless network card (wi-fi/wlan) and follow the instructions:
Start/Control Panel/ Internet & Network connections, right click on Wireless Connections, and then select available connections. Select SSID from the wireless network of Piraeus port and make sure that the antivirus is disabled. Explorer: select Tools/Internet Options/Connections. Then go to LAN Settings/ Local network and unclick the choice "Use a proxy server for the LAN..."

Book your ferry tickets to and from Piraeus Port

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Getting to Piraeus Port

  • There are buses that leave from ISAP railway station and reach the harbour of Piraeus. More specifically, buses 826, 832, 833, 875 reach gate E9, while buses 827, 828, 831, 843, 859 stop at gate E12.
  • Also, buses 218 from Heliopolis and 232 from Vironas stop at Vasiliadi Coast.
  • The underground railway (green line-metro) also ends at the port of Piraeus. As soon as you come out of the station you will see the port (gates E5 and E6).
  • If your next destination is the Athens International Airport you can use the bus X96. The bus stops from where you can take the bus to the airport start from the coast Vasiliadi (Afetiria) and pass Agios Dionisios, Piraeus Railway Station (ISAP-metro) and Karaiskaki Square.
  • The transportation inside the port is free of charge and the bus stops are the following: Piraeus Railway Station (ISAP-metro), Agios Dionisios 1 - OSE (regular railway), Agios Dionisios 2, Ietion 1, Ietion 2, Dexamenes, Ministry of Marine Merchantile, Vasiliadi 1 - Custom, Vasiliadi 2, Terminal Station.
  • Alternatively, there are taxi stands all around the Piraeus port, almost at each gate. Taxis can be found either there or outside the port by catching one in the streets.

Ferry Itineraries from Piraeus

  • Gate E1: Dodekanisa (from Coast Vasiliadi)
  • Gate E2: Crete, Chios, Mytilene, Ikaria, Samos (from Coast Ietionas)
  • Gate E3: Crete, Kythira- Vehicles' Entrance (from Coast Kondilis)
  • Gate E4: Exit, Kythira- Vehicles' exit only (from Coast Kondilis)
  • Gate E5: Pedestrian brdge, pedestrian' s entrance, PPA Bus terminal (from Coast Kallimasiotis)
  • Gate E6: Cyclades, Rethymnon- pedestrian bridge , pedestrian' s entrance (from Coast Posidonos)
  • Gate E7: Cyclades, Rethymno (from Coast Posidonos-Tzelepi)
  • Gate E8: Argosaronikos (from Coast Posidonos)
  • Gate E9: Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria (from Coast Miaouli)
  • Gate E10: Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria-vehicles' exit only (from Coast Miaouli)
  • Gate E11: Cruise Terminal A
  • Gate E12: Cruise Terminal B
  • Gates E1 and E2 are far away from the points of access and for this reason internal local buses of OLP leave from Gate E5 and end at Gate E1.

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