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Ferry Tickets

Technical Information

1. What are cookies and why should I have them enabled in order to book a ferry ticket?

A cookie is a small file sent by our web server to your browser. This file is stored at your browser and helps our server recognize your browser throughout the booking process. Other uses of cookie files include site personalization and website tracking etc. A cookie can not be used to get data from your hard drive or transmit any sensitive personal information. Usually all browsers are cookie enabled by default.

Getting There

2. Information regarding major Greek Ports and how to get there

Please find detailed information for all major ports at the respective section

General Information regarding ferry tickets in Greece

3. Can I buy or receive my tickets on board?

Unfortunately according to the Greek law you can not buy your ferry tickets on board nor can you receive them at the ferry entrance. Without tickets you won't be permitted to embark.

4. Is there an electronic ticket version available for ferry tickets?

All ferry tickets are paper tickets and there isn't any e-ticket available for any of the ferry lines.

5. Can I get on board using just the ticket number or the reservation reference?

You need your paper ticket at hand in order to embark. Without the actual paper ticket you will not be allowed to enter the ferry even you have your reservation reference or your ticket number.

6. My name is misspelled on my ticket. Will this create any problem at my embarkation?

The ticket control at ports is not as strict as at the airports so you will not face any problems even if your name is not correctly spelled on the ticket

7. Do I need to present an official photo ID in order to embark?

Although port authorities do not ask for an official ID in order to permit ferry embarkation you are advised to carry your passport or any other form of official identification during your journey.

Itinerary selection

8. Which are the passengers' age categories?

Most of the ferry companies offer different fares according to the age of the passenger. During your reservation you will be asked to specify the age category of each passenger:
Adults are considered all passengers older than 10 years old.
Children are considered passengers among 5 and 10 years old.
Infants are considered passengers younger than 5 years old.

9. Are there any discounts for infants and children?

All companies have discounted tickets for children (usually half price) and infants travel free of charge. Some companies also have other discounts such as University Students' ticket (the beholder should be a student at a Greek University). When there is a discount, it appears at step 3 (pricing). Military or other special categories' tickets can not be booked through the internet.

10. What kinds of seat classes are usually available on a ferry?

This class is located in the lounge or on the deck and there are no numbered seats. In economy class there are usually less comforts and that is why it is cheaper. In some boats such as high-speed and flying dolphins (hydrofoils), economy class seats are numbered.

Bus seats
These are bus type numbered seats.

This class is located in a lounge with non numbered seats. These seats are more comfortable than economy's and there is more space.

These are luxurious seats in a better equipped lounge. The seats are more comfortable and more spacious.

Cabins can be internal or external. Internal cabins are found at the inner part of the boat and have no windows, while external are at the side parts of the boat and have windows. Cabins are divided into categories depending on the comfort and luxury provided. You can book a whole cabin (double, triple or quadruple) or just a bed and share the cabin with other passengers of the same gender.

11. Is it cheaper to buy round trip tickets rather a two one-way tickets?

In most cases you will not get a better price for a round trip.

Booking your Itinerary

12. Which are the steps to book my ferry ticket online?

1st step (Itinerary selection)
Select your itinerary type (one way or round trip) and then choose the departure and arrival ports, the number of passengers and vehicles. Children and infants should be included at this point of the reservation in the total number of passengers. Thereafter you could choose among the itineraries that have appeared for the dates you have chosen the one that fits you better. If the box is green this means there are available seats, if it is yellow there are limited seats and if it is red then there are no seats available at all for this itinerary.

2nd step (Accommodation selection)
Choose the gender (male or female), the age category of the passengers (adult, child, infant) and the class. If you have chosen a vehicle, you should choose the type of the vehicle and fill in the license number (number plate).

3rd step (Pricing)
At this step you can see the cost per person as well as the total cost.

4th step (Passengers)
Fill in the surname and the first letter of the name as well as the nationality of the passengers.

5th step (Contact details)
Fill in carefully all fields (the asterisk indicates the mandatory fields) and select the delivery type. Click on “book now” and fill in your credit card details. We accept only VISA and Mastercard (VISA electron is also accepted).

6th step (Billing and confirmation)
Upon successful completion of your purchase, the page displays your itinerary's details, the booking reference and the total cost that has been charged to your credit card. Depending on your selection of delivery type your tickets will be immediately available for collection at our premises (free of charge) or will be delivered to the address that you have provided us. In this case you should carry a copy of the reservation page or the e-mail or the reservation number along with your ID card.

13. When will my credit card get charged?

Your credit card will get charged automatically upon the successful completion of your reservation.

14. Is there any minimum time period prior the departure that I should book my tickets?

Yes, the minimum time period prior the departure date to book online is 3 days. This period is essential in order to have all reservation, issuing and receiving procedures of the tickets normally completed. In case you are interested on a last minute reservation you please contact us at +30-210-8229144 or ferries@fantasticgreece.com .

15. How long prior the departure time should I arrive at the port?

You should be there at least 1 hour before the departure.

16. How do I know whether my reservation was successfully completed?

Upon successful completion your browser will display a page with the message: “Thank you for booking with FantasticGreece.com”. Following you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the reference number and the reservation's details. In case the previous page does not show up or you do not receive an e-mail with your reservation confirmation; please contact us at +30-210-8229144 or ferries@fantasticgreece.com.

17. What should I do in case I realize that there is a mistake in the confirmation e-mail I receive?

In case you find out a mistake at the e-mail you receive, please contact us at +302108229144 or at ferries@fantasticgreece.com. The accuracy of your reservation details is your own responsibility and extra charges may apply in case of changes.

18. What should I do in case I do not receive a confirmation e-mail after a successful reservation?

In case you have completed the booking process and you do not receive any confirmation e-mail within 10 minutes, contact us at +30-210-8229144 or ferries@fantasticgreece.com. Please make sure that you do check your spam folder.

19. What should I do in case I do not remember my reservation number?

There is no reason to worry; we can find your reservation using your surname, your e-mail or other details of your reservation.

20. I receive a message at the end of the booking process that the itinerary I have chosen is not available. What can be wrong?

In this case, the class you have chosen is not available. For example you may have chosen economy and while business is available or you may have chosen 4 seats in a category and there are only 3 available. This happens often with vehicles even if you have chosen only one, as garage space is very limited.

21. How many passengers and vehicles can be included in a single reservation?

9 passengers and 2 vehicles maximum (some companies may allow you to reserve only one vehicle).

22. Can I combine two different ferry companies in the same reservation?

Unfortunately this is not possible. You need to make 2 different one-way reservations.

23. Can I use my credit card to make a reservation for a third person?

In case passenger and credit card's owner are different persons you should send us by fax at +30-210-8217797 or by e-mail at ferries@fantasticgreece.com a photocopy of the passport of the credit card owner with his signature, so that we can allow the issuing of the tickets.

24. Should I confirm the departure time of my itinerary?

It is advisable to confirm with the port authorities that there are no changes in the itineraries' schedule. We will make every possible effort to inform you in case there is any change at your itinerary. However, especially in cases of bad weather conditions, strike of the company's personnel etc, you are advised to contact directly the port authority.

25. In case the reservation is not completed due to any malfunction, how can I know whether my credit card has been charged?

Your credit card will not be charged unless your reservation is completed. You can ensure whether it has been charged by calling the bank which has issued your credit card.

Reservations Changes

26. How can I cancel a ferry ticket?

In order to have your tickets cancelled you should return them back to our office. There can be no cancellation if the departure date has passed by.

27. Will I get totally or partially refunded for a ticket I haven't used?

The refund depends on the cancellation policy of the respective ferry company. Usually, you get refunded up to 50% of the total ticket value. In case you want to cancel your tickets contact us and we will inform you regarding the exact amount you will get. No cancellation is possible after the departure date. If your journey is cancelled due to weather conditions you can get totally refunded by the port office of the ferry company.

28. Can I change the dates of my ticket? What should I do?

You can change the dates of your reservation given that there are available seats for the newly chosen date. The new itinerary must be operated by the very same ferry company. You cannot have a ticket changed for another company's itinerary. Last but not least, in case you want to change tickets you have already collected you must first return them in our office in order to proceed with the changes you have asked us.

29. Can I change my tickets to an open date instead of canceling it?

Your tickets can be changed to an open date within a minimum time period of 6 months or a year according to each ferry company's policy. This period of 6 or 12 months starts from the date your ticket changes to open. In case you want to change your ticket to an open date, please contact us in order to inform you regarding the conditions of your ticket.

30. How will I get refunded if I cancel my tickets?

In case of cancellation, we will refund your money, either to your credit card or to a bank account you will indicate to us.

31. Will I be able to upgrade my ticket or request a cabin on board?

It is possible to upgrade the class of your ticket or request a cabin on board depending on the availability.

32. Can I re-issue a new one or get refunded in case I lose my tickets?

Unfortunately in case you lose your tickets there isn't any option to re-issue it of get refunded.

33. I arrived late and I missed the ferry, what should I do?

In this case you should contact the ferry company's office at the port. There might be a possibility to change your ticket for the next ferry but this is not guaranteed.

34. The route was cancelled, how can I get refunded?

The quickest way is to contact the ferry company's office at the port. Alternatively you can return the tickets back to us and we will refund you either at your credit card or at a bank account that you will provide us.

Issuing and delivery of tickets

35. How will I receive my ticket?

You can choose either to collect it at our office in Athens for free, or receive it by courier with an additional charge or even pick them up at the port of your departure.

36. When will I receive my ticket?

If you have chosen to have your ticket sent by courier, you will receive it within 2-3 working days. The tickets are delivered during working days and hours.

37. Can I pick up my ticket from the departure port?

Yes, in most cases you can pick up your tickets from the port. If the ferry company does not give you this opprtunity, this way of collection will not be given as an option during reservation process.