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Saint Dionysios was born on Zakynthos in 1546, denied his high social position and dedicated his life in charities. He is the protector of the island and for this in 1708 was built the church of Saint Dionysios that is dedicated to him. The body of Saint Dionysius is in the church and many pilgrims come every year in Zakynthos, on 24 August in order to worship. The temple's architecture is Byzantine, without cupola and you can admire the impressive pictures and wall paintings. The church is located near the port, at the south part of the town.


The church of Saint Mavra is located in the village Macheranto and celebrates on 3 May. The church is classic basilica without cupola, with unique icons. It is one from the most important churches of the island. Crowd of people bring offerings to the icon of Saint Mavra because is considered as miraculous icon.


The Venetian Castle is situated on the hill of Mpochali, behind the city of Zakynthos. The castle was destroyed by the earthquakes and today you can see only certain ruins of the castle. In this region was built the medieval capital of island, influenced by the Venetian architecture. You should visit this place in order to live the medieval atmosphere and to you enjoy the panoramic view.


The building is built in Solomos square and before the earthquake of 1953 had a rich collection of books and documents. However, thanks to the donations of many Zakynthians, the library was reconstructed and today includes books, photographs, old newspapers from the 2nd World war and every document that has a relation with the history and the tradition of Zakynthos.


The Byzantine Museum is located in Solomos square, in the centre of the city and was built after the earthquake of 1953. The museum is separated in 3 levels in which you can see different exhibitions. There are Byzantine icons, sculptures, statues, murals, paintings from the most famous artists from the Byzantine season up to the 19th century. The museum is open daily 8.30 to 15.00 except of Mondays.


You can find this museum in the centre of the city, in the square of Saint Mark and is dedicated to famous Zakynthian artists, who are national symbols. You can see manuscripts, black and white photographs, portraits, clothes, musical instruments, pottery, and statues. In the entry of the museum there is a tomb of Dionisios Solomos, as well as a piece from the hill where it was inspired and wrote the Anthem in the Freedom, that is the Greek National Anthem. The museum is open daily from 9.00 up to 14.00.


It is located to the port, near the church of Saint Dionysios and is open daily. Grigoris Xenopoylos was a famous Zakynthian writer and the museum is dedicated to his life, his work and his family. On the first floor there are manuscripts, publications and black and white photographs. On the second floor there are furniture and objects of his family with great sentimental value.


Shipwreck is a small beach at the Eastern side of the island and is accessible only with boat. It is the most picturesque beach of Zakynthos and it took its name because there is a shipwreck at the coast. This boat transported illegal cigarettes and wrecked in this beach. Even if you do not want to go for swimming, you can go by car on the hill above the beach and admire the panoramic view.


Marathonisi is a small islet in the region Lake Candle. At Lake Candle are organized daily excursions to Marathonisi that abstains only few minutes. It has rich vegetation, clean waters and thin, golden sand. Do not omit to visit it, it is a landscape really unique.


The national Marine Park of Zakynthos is situated in the south-western coast, at Laganas beach. Its aim is to protect the endangered marine turtle caretta-caretta. From the first days of June every female turtle lays round 100-120 eggs in the sand for 55 days. It is calculated that from only 10 eggs of each nest will be born small turtles. The eggs are in danger of the pollution, the noise, the lights, the umbrellas, the boats. For this reason if you visit these beaches, be a little more careful.

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