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Local Cuisine

Thessaloniki has been a crossroad between east and west, especially during Byzantine times. As a result Thessaloniki's cuisine combines the spices of the east and the Mediterranean flavours. Moreover, being a port, Thessaloniki has always been a good place for fish and sea food. There are several taverns and restaurants where visitors can enjoy fresh fish and sea food as well as famous greek dishes and international cuisine. Thessaloniki is also famous for its big souvlaki, (pork meat slices in a round pita bread with potatoes, tomato, onions, and sadziki, a cucumber-yogurt-garlic sauce) and visitors will easily find "soublatzidika" (soublaki shops) across the city.

Ladadika area's pedestrians are filled with "ouzeri" while traditional taverns are found in almost every part of the city but especially at Kastra. At Aretsou and Nea Krini areas there are many fish-taverns and ouzeri.

As far as sweets are concerned, Thessaloniki is widely known for its "mpougatsa" pie, a sweet pie filled with cream and served with flour sugar and cinnamon ("mpougatsa me krema"). However mpougatsa can also be found with cheese ("mpougatsa me tyri"), with meat ("mpougatsa me kreas"), with potato ("mpougatsa with patata") and other fillings. Visitors should also try "samali", a sweet made of semolina and almonds, "cazan dipi", a caramelized Turkish cream, a version of creme brulee and the famous "Panorama' triangles", syrupy sweet filled with cream.

Recommended Restaurants of Thessaloniki


9 Kantouni str, Ladadika-Thessaloniki, tel: (+30) 2310553141, fax: (+30) 2310553629

1901 is a wonderful restaurant at Ladadika area. Its delicacy cooked dishes include seafood, traditional local cookery and oriental flavours. The wine selected by an interesting wine list will accompany your meal and the traditional dessert, which is always treated, will complete the taste experience.


4 Proxenou Koromila str, Thessaloniki, tel: (+30) 2310239805 - opened daily, but Sundays, from noon until late at night.

With an experience of 27 years, Clochard is considered to be one of the most diachronic restaurants in Thessaloniki and has been established for its impeccable service, the high design but mostly for the unique dishes from the greek and the french cuisine. Located in a quiet street in the town's business centre, Clochard is a haunt and meeting point of famous people and eating-lovers.


3-5 Morihovou square, Ladadika-Thessaloniki, (+30) 2310553239

Kioupia is corner full of greek hospitality and greek tastes. The owners have carefully selected various recipes from all over Greece and in combination with the one of the 250 roughly greek labels from the wine list, it is bound that even the most demanding clients will be satisfied.


18 Filipou str and Venizelou str, Thessaloniki, tel: (+30)2310239031 - open daily from noon till late at night

Krassodikio is considered to be as one of the most gourmet places in Thessaloniki centre. The special meats and seafood, always fresh from the fish-boats at Michaniona, are transformed into delicious plates. Krassodikio has a unique cava with many different wines as well as retsina and tsipouro from special producers.


32 Ethikis Antistaseos str, Thessaloniki, tel (+30) 2310451289 & 6 Salaminos str, Ladadika-Thessaloniki, tel: (+30) 2310501600

In a pleasant environment with famous people's, who have eaten at Krikelas restaurant, pictures decorating the walls, visitors are bound to enjoy a taste experience. The local, fresh and carefully selected products, the traditional greek cuisine which is brilliantly combined with international cuisine and the great variety of selected wines keep Krikelas restaurant in the top of the eating-lovers' preferences.

Odos Oneiron

3 Baion str (Morichovou square), Ladadika-Thessoloniki, tel: (+30) 2310555036, fax: (+30) 2310513154, mob: (+30) 6944460088

Odos Oneiron is a cosy tavern with live music. The traditional greek recipes, passed from generation to generation, will offer the visitors a unique taste experience and the traditional sweet which is served in the end will complete the satisfaction.


13 M. Gavyli str, Nea Krimi-Kalamaria-Thessaloniki, tel: (+30) 2310447943, fax: (+30) 2310447950

Hamodrakas is the oldest fish tavern in Thessaloniki. It still keeps its old traditional atmosphere and its devotion to good quality and service. Do not miss to visit for fresh fish and seafood.

List of Restaurants in Thessaloniki

Name Address Area Contac t number (+30) Type
Krikelas 32 Ethnikis Antistaseos str Thessaloniki 2310451289 Restaurant
Botsalo 17 Pr. Koromila str Thessaloniki 2310267000 Restaurant
Rogoti 8 Venizelou str Thessaloniki 2310277694 Restaurant
1901 9 Kantouni str Ladadika 2310553141 Restaurant
Kioupia 3-5 Morihovou square Ladadika 2310553239 Restaurant
Krassodikio 18 Filipou str and Benizelou str Thessaloniki 2310239031 Restaurant
Ariston 13 D. Gounari str Thessaloniki 2310262715 Tavern
Klimataria 34 P. Mela str Thessaloniki 2310277854 Tavern
Odos Oneiron 3 Baion str (Morichovou square) Ladadika 2310555036 Tavern
To abgo tou kokora 7 Athanasiou Diakou str Thessaloniki 2310864175 Tavern
Agora 5 Kapodistriou str & I. Dragoumi Thessaloniki 2310532428 Ouzeri
Bit Bazaar 32-34 Prosf. Agoras str Paliatzidika 2310278097 Ouzeri
Stenaki 23 Al. Svolou str Thessaloniki 2310268745 Ouzeri
Clochard 4 Proxenou Koromila str Thessaloniki 2310239805 International-French
Hamodrakes 13 M. Gavyli str Nea Krimi-Kalamaria 2310447943 Fish tavern

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