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Bourtzi islet:

Located in front of Skiathos Town, Bourtzi was a fortress built by Gizi brothers who ruled the island since 1207.skiathos street It was destroyed in 1660 by the famous Venetian admiral Morosini (he has bombed Parthenon temple in Acropolis in Athens as well!). Bourtzi is connected to Skiathos with a bridge and it separates the harbour in two parts (old & new). Today, you could still visit the ruins of the castle's walls and the spots where Saint George church and the fortress' tank were built. Later, in early 20th century a public school was constructed on Bourtzi. Nowadays, the old school is used as a cultural center and the islet is ideal for a walk in the cool pine grove during hot summer months.


Situated in the north edge of the island it was the natural fortress where native (in 14th century) found a refuge in order to avoid pirates' raids. Kastro was governed by Byzantines until 1453, then it was Venetians' turn (1453-1538) to take control and finally were the Turks until 1821 when Greek Revolution arose. Apart from the castle's ruins, you can visit “Gennisi tou Christou” church still well preserved today. Since car cannot access the place, you will need to walk a short distance to get there.


Alexandros Papadiamantis, born in late 19th century is the most famous son of Skiathos. He was one of the top Modern Greek writers. Visiting his home (built in Skiathos Town, now shaped as a museum), would probably not tell you much about his writings, unless you had the chance to read them already. You would though get a vivid representation of life in Skiathos in the 19th century. Museum's telephone: +30 2427023843.

Hydro Biotope:

Strofilia lagoon, located in southwest of Skiathos island, just on the back of Koukounaries beach is a place of exceptional natural beauty, preserved under certain E.U. environmental programs.


Another place worth visiting is Iera Moni Evagelistrias, built in 1794, located in the northeast of the island.


In Skiathos Town you could visit and admire the churches Panagia Eikonistria, Treis Ierarches, Panagia Limnia and Panagia Kehria.


Taking a walk in the picturesque alleys of the old town of Skiathos, you could enjoy the neoclassical style in the buildings, the whitewashed houses and the prim gardens and yards.


You are strongly advised not to enter churches and monasteries dressed in shorts, bikinis or T-shirts. It would be nice too, to take off your hat as a sign of respect for the holy place you are visiting. Photos are not always allowed, so it would be wise to check for relevant signs.

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