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Most visitors prefer to take a bar crawl, rather than staying in only one bar. There are two main bar concentration poles in Skiathos Town, one to the eastern side of the settlement, after the marina, by the harbour front, on the way to the airport. Here you could find many young people having fun, drinking and dancing inside or outside Remezzo and the other bars in the area such as Kalhua and BBC. The second pole is in the old town, around “Trion Hierarchon” square, Papadiamantis street and the west end of the harbour. Here you can find mainstream clubs like Admiral Benbow or more sophisticated places like Kentavros where they play jazz and classic rock. Finally one of the newest bar districts of the island is the old port where you can find clubs such as Slip Inn and Cassablanca and enjoy the chill out ambience while having your exotic cocktail drink.

Looking for a “bouzouki” night (traditional Greek music instrument) could prove to be a fascinating experience. You would get nothing out of the lyrics (it's all Greek to you, right?), but the atmosphere and the “kefi” (high spirit), would be memorable. Try Apothiki playing authentic Greek music until morning, one of the most popular in the island.

In case you prefer to stay away from the busy downtown nightlife you could choose one of the bars in the settlements to the southwest where you could relax listening to lounge music and sipping shots of traditional Greek spirit, "ouzo".

Before going out for clubbing you could start your evening watching a movie in an open air cinema. Open air cinemas are very popular in Greece. Weather is favouring them and spectators are delighted to watch a movie under a star shining sky. In Skiathos Town there are two such cinemas, Attikon on Papadiamantis street and Cinema Paradiso on the ring road. They usually show English speaking films with Greek subtitles. Each theatre performs twice every night, starting the first show at around 20:30.

Hints about nightlife in Skiathos

  • You won't find pints in Greece. Beer is always available of course, usually on 330ml or 500ml cans.
  • Wine brings the highest value for money. Good quality and reasonable prices. Beers are still a budget option, being cheaper than in UK. Anyway, be aware of extraordinary prices of other spirits. You will probably be asked to pay 7€ for a vodka lemon.
  • Don't forget to try local beers like Mythos and Alpha or international brands bottled in Greece, like Amstel.
  • Bars stay open until late at night, no worries. When customers are buying and people are having fun, bars and clubs could end closing at five or six in the morning.

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