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Local Cuisine

In Skiathos, you can choose among several dining options. First, comes the world famous “souvlaki” (quite similar to “kebab”) which is the fast, cheap option for dining. It's a mixture of pork meat, “tzatziki” sauce (garlic, yogurt & cucumber), tomato and “pitta”. Apart from this speedy, Greek option, there are many taverns and restaurants, where you can taste different and probably healthier cuisines like English, French, Italian, Fish & Seafood and obviously traditional Greek plates like “mousaka”, “imam” or “papoutsakia”.

By choosing Skiathos town, you have several dining options. The taverns located in the narrow picturesque streets of the old town is a good one when coming back from the beach and you want to walk around a bit, go shopping and end up for dinner. The ports, the old and the new, the hill on the top of the town and the marina, where you can see crews preparing for setting sail to the rest of the Sporades islands (like Skopelos & Alonissos), are some other options.

In case you choose to take a ride on your bike (it can be a car, taxi or bus too), you can enjoy your dinner by the sea, on great balconies offering a wide view to the Aegean Sea and the Pelion mountain in mainland Greece. Such places are Koukounaries, Agia Paraskevi & Megali Ammos.

Recommended Restaurants of Skiathos

Tapas Bar restaurant, Don Quijote, +30 2427021600

Situated in Skiathos port, up on a terrace Don Quijote is amphitheatrically built and has a unique panoramic view. The philosophy is similar to Spanish Tapas Bar however Don Quijote has added a variety of Greek dishes to its menu. The ambience is very romantic and warm. You will be surprised by the value for money ratio.

Agnantio Tavern - +30 24270 22016

On the road for Evangelistria monastery you can find Agnantio tavern, a cozy place which serves traditional homemade Greek food. skiathos saladIt is considered one of the best choices both by the inhabitants and the visitors. While having your meal you will enjoy the breathtaking view until Skopelos Island.

Amfiliki - +30 24270 22839

Situated in the town of Skiathos, right across the hospital, Amfiliki offers an incomparable view towards the deep blue Aegean sea. You should definitely try the fresh fish dishes as well as the traditional lobster spaghetti.

Maria's Pizza

You can find this brilliant pizzeria in the old port, behind the busy bar district. Many claim it makes the best pizza and pasta plates you have ever tasted. Once visiting Maria’s Pizza you will always return!

The Windmill Restaurant: Skiathos Town, on the top of the hill, +302427024550

It is the best choice in Skiathos Town. Offering a fascinating view in the port bay, the surrounding hills and the marina, Windmill is considered to be a must for tourists visiting Skiathos. You may be challenged to climb the steep hill but the service and the view will more than reward you. The international menu offers a wide variety of choices and the British owners make you feel like home. It may cost you more than the average tavern, but the value for money is high! Would you wish to have a romantic dinner or arrange the Proposal? Hurry up, and reserve the one and only balcony for two.

The Village: Koukounaries beach, 50 meters from the seaside, opposite to lake Strofilia, +302427049520

All traditional Greek dishes (like mousaka, papoutsakia, Greek salad etc) are available in this small, family run tavern where clients are served with great care and high personal interest.

skiathos oilGreen Park: Agia Paraskevi, 300 meters from the beach, +302427049490

It is located within an apartments complex by the same name and is a place grown with pines and planes, offering a warm and relaxing atmosphere far away from the busy and noisy harbour and town of Skiathos. The traditional plates suggested will certainly be remembered just like the wonderful interior built with stone and wood.

Asprolithos: Agia Paraskevi, +302427021016, +302427023110

A number of Greek traditional recipes, combined with special plates like veal in “stamna” or “Asprolithos” chicken are offered here. Excellent service, along with a friendly atmosphere will allow you to enjoy these new flavours to the maximum.

Twilight (Likofos): Megali Ammos, +302427023050

It is a small tavern located on the waterfront, offering a variety of roasted fish and seafood. It is ideal for drinking a beer while listening to the splashing waves.

Thessaloniki: Megali Ammos, +302427022572

Open all day, close to the beach it's a great option for tasting traditional Greek “mezedes” (the equivalent of “tapas” in Spanish cuisine) with “Plomari” ouzo. Roasted fish, seafood or the famous Petros' chicken fillet stuffed with banana that is named after the chef, are some of your options for the main course. Should you wish to have lobster for dinner make sure to call in advance and make a reservation.

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