Rethymnon Crete, Greece

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Local Cuisine

Crete is perhaps the most famous part in Greece for its separate cuisine. Cretans with the passage of the years developed a great production of agricultural products, which constituted also basic components of their diet. The balanced diet of Cretans has become repeatedly object of researches, being the reason of their excellent health condition and the low mortality. In a Cretan dinner you will always see, vegetables, pies, fruits, legumes, dairy, bread, olives. Of course, meat is also an element of Cretan alimentation in little quantity, as well as fresh fishes and seafood. Basic element of Cretan cuisine is also the olive oil. Cretan olive oil is of excellent quality, makes good to the health and is exported to the entire world. The Cretan dinner always include wine or raki, the strong local alcoholic drink. Some of the delicacies that you can try in Rethymno are the following:

  • Chochlious: snails cooked with grasses or fried in olive oil. It is a very tasty traditional dish.
  • Dakos: is a snack including vinegar and water-soaked barley bread, which is accompanied by small pieces of tomato, garlic, onion and cheese feta.
  • Apaki: smoked meat, usually lamb.
  • Ofto: meat cooked in a ceramic dish and fried potatoes with the peel.
  • Cheeses: local mizithra and anthotiro.
  • Kaltsounia: sweet snack with Cretan honey of excellent quality.

Recommended Restaurants of Rethymnon

PIGADI (2831 0 27522)

It is located in the capital of Rethymno prefecture, in the old city of Rethymno. It serves a big variety of dishes from the Greek and Cretan cuisine, as well as a big variety of wines. The prices are absolutely reasonable and the environment very beautiful.

KOSTAS TAVERN (2832 0 91323)

In Agia Galini village, Kostas tavern is waiting for you, in order to offer tasty dishes from the Greek and European cuisine. You will have the possibility of enjoying a tasty dinner with a unique view to the sea.


With experience of 16 years in the Cretan cuisine, Symposio restaurant is located in the old city of Rethymno, ready to offer you a splendid gastronomical travel. It is famous for the quality and the freshness of the ingredients, as well as for the tasty Cretan olive oil that accompanies all dishes.


If you want to escape from the capital of Rethymno, visit Exantas restaurant in the national street Rethymno to Heraklion, between the villages Bali and Panormos. Try the delicacies of Cretan cuisine, in a separate environment, with a view to Mylopotamos valley.


Avli is situated in the old city of Rethymno and serves dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. In the beautiful garden, with the medieval decoration you will feel that you are transported in the medieval season. The menu includes over of 200 dishes, but the kind staff is willing to help you. Select it for a separate dinner, in a separate environment.


Othonas restaurant is located in the old city of Rethymno, near the Minaret. You will be surprised looking the menu and for sure you will want to try all dishes! With imagination and faith in the quality, serves you everything you want to eat; meat, seafood, pastas and delicious sweets!


If you want to escape a little from the Greek and Cretan cuisine we propose visit the Italian restaurant Pagliacco, in Rethymno. It is one of the most famous restaurants, which serves authentic dishes of Italian cuisine.


Fanari is one of the most popular mezedopolia, in the city of Rethymno, in the regional road. Try a rich variety of appetizers and drink the local raki. And all these, under the castle of the city, with a view to the sea.


It is located in the old national road, near Rethymno beach. It is a tavern decorated in a traditional way, in colours of Greek flag, and is worth visiting, in order to try a really Greek dinner.

GOULES (2831 0 41001)

You will find it in the region Armeni, in a very traditional environment. For many years serve the customers following the Cretan and Greek diet, offering the tastiest traditional dishes. The environment is very hospitable, a really family tavern, with very reasonable prices.

GLAROS (2832 0 31746)

In the region of Plakias, you can combine swimming in the picturesque beach and dining in Glaros tavern. It offers a big variety of Greek dishes, cooked with traditional Cretan recipes, at very good prices.

KNOSSOS (2831 0 32301)

It is a traditional fish tavern in the old city of Rethymno, near the old port. Its experience made it particularly popular, for the locals, as weel as for the visitors. Visit it in order to try all kinds of sea food dishes, with a view to the old port.

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