Piraeus in Athens Greece

Nightlife in Piraeus Piraeus Nightlife Piraeus nachtleben Pireo vita notturna vida nocturna Piraeus

Piraeus, just like Athens, offers a great variety of places and events for visitors to enjoy themselves in their free time. As people's desire for entertainment has grown up, a big modern city like Piraeus could not but keep up with their desire. There are plenty of cafes, bars and clubs, for every taste and every wallet. A drink costs about 8€ but if you decide to have the whole bottle it costs about 100€.

Athens is close to Piraeus (about 30min by the subway and 30-45min by bus) so in case you do not find something which fits your taste, you are bound to find it in Athens.

Some of the bars and clubs of Piraeus are listed below

Name Address Telephone Number Remarks
BELLE EPOQUE 6 Agiou Konstantinou str 2104221821 Bar
BOSTON 8 Loudovikou str 2104174030 Bar
BRAZILIAN 2 Agiou Konstantinou str 2104171306 Bar
CAFÅ WAICHHART 58 Akti Moutsopoulou 2104534408 Bar
CASABLANCA 10 Loudovikou str 2104226553 Bar
JAMESON MANSION 7 Schistis str, Kastella 2104222139 Bar
LA CUEVA 15 Akti Dilaveri 2104118078/9 Bar
LEGEND SEF, Mikrolimano 2104810081-2104810061 Bar
POCO-POCO 26 Filipou str 2104119735 Bar
SAI L IN CAFE 4 Vasileos Pavlou str 2104133322 Bar
SEVEN 85 Grigoriou Lampraki str 2104227101 Bar
STRETO CAFE 5 Akti Kountouriotou 2104110302 Bar
VIOS 22 Akti Koumoundourou 2104112479 Bar
DIPILO 34 Sintagmatos & 3 Kodrou str 2104172105 Bar
DITIKES INDIES 6 Akti Themostokleous 2104525242 Bar
IETION Akti Ietion-Limani OLP, Agios Dionusios 2104617400 Bar
OLYMPICO SEF, Mikrolimano 2104834774 Bar
ANEMOURI 13 Vasileos Pavlou str 2104222272 Pub
IPPOKABOS 116 Akti Themistokleous 2104181803 Pub
DIRO 104 Akti Themistokleous 2104181092 Pub
SKAFAKI 150 Akti Themistokleous 2104182344 Pub
HOOK PLANET 40 Akti Konduli, Agios Dionusios 2104619924 Club
LA ROCKA 23 Vasileos Pavlou str 2104177660 Club
HARD ROCK 28 Etolikou & Papastratou str 2104136750 Club
VARELADIKO 1 Zaimi str 2104227500 Club
SKALAKIA 21 Vironos str, Chatzikyriakio 2104291059 Live Music

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