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Naxos is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Cyclades and it offers a wide range of quality hotels, comfortable hotel apartments, luxurious suite hotels and organised camping sites. Naxos' lodgement guarantee security and exclusive services. Guests are sure to find a room or apartment that fits their taste and wallet, in most villages. (See Naxos Map!) There are hotels or apartments in almost every village but in general hotels or apartments in or near Chora, where the port is found, are closer to nightlife and shopping centre of the island.

For those who prefer nature there are two camping sites at Agia Anna (Maragas Camping - tel: (+30) 22850-24552 / 42552 / 42599, fax: (+30) 225850-24552) and Agios Georgios (Naxos Camping - tel: (+30)22850-23500, fax: (+30) 22850-23501)


Chora is Naxos port and capital. It is a typical Cycladic town with narrow streets and passages and white houses. Behind the waterfront there is a medieval castle stretching up to the Kastro (castle). The old town, found on the hill is divided into 2 neighbourhoods, Bourgos and Kastro where Greeks and Venetian-catholic lived respectively. In Chora there is the Archaeological museum and inside the castle, visitors can find the capuchins Monastery, the catholic Cathedral, the Ursulines Monastery as well as the Catholic Episcopal Mansion. Portara, a huge gate of about 6m height of the ancient temple of Apollo, also lies in Chora.


Apollonas (Apollo) is a village in the northern Naxos. In the village visitors can see the famous Kouros.


Located in the central Naxos, Potamia is in fact the union of 3 smaller villages, Ano (which means upper), Mesi (middle) and Kato (lower) Potamia. The green valley with the windmills is a perfect place for walks.

Apiranthos (or Aperathou)

Apiranthos is a village with evident Venetian influence. There are 3 museums (archaeological, folkloric and geological) and the church of Panagia Apirathitissa (Virgin Mary of Apiranthos). Visitors can enjoy their coffee or a refreshing drink at one of the traditional small kafenia (greek cafes) and their walk in the narrow marble pathways. Notice the local dialect and tradition, much similar to the Cretan, as Apiranthos was built by Cretan in the 10th century AD. Worth visiting are the Venetian castles of Somaripa, Krispi and Sfortsa and the church of Agia Kyriaki and the chapel of Agios Pachoumios outside the village.

Chalki (or Chalkio)

Chalki is the largest village of Tragea region, the largest olive trees cultivated area in Cyclades. Chalki used to be Naxos' capital. In the village, visitors can admire the well preserved classical houses, the church and the 2 apartment towers. 2km from Chalki visitors can find the church of Panagia Drossiani, with wonderful wall paintings.


Filoti is located near Zas Mountain in central Naxos. Visitors can see the church of Panagia Filiotissa (Virgin Mary of Filoti) and the castle of Barotsi. Moreover in close proximity in Zas Mountain lies the Pyrgos Chimarrou (Chimarros' Tower), built in the 4th century BC.


Galanado is located 7km from Chora, with direction to Zas Mountain. In the village visitors can see the church of Agios Ioannis (St. John), place of both orthodox and catholic worship.


Small village in central Naxos, where the church of Panagia Drossiani is located. The village is also known for the embroidery of the women's partnership.

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