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Argostoli has been the capital of Kefalonia since 1757 and has 14.000 residents. Argostoli is located in the southern part of the island and was completely destroyed by the earthquake in 1953. Like in all Ionian Islands the architecture of the buildings is strongly influenced by the Venetian lifestyle. Argostoli is a modern city where you can find different kinds of lodgings of each category and provides a pleasant stay offering many restaurants, bars and a lot of commercial shops. The commercial centre of the city is the pedestrian street “Lithostroto”, which during summer is quite busy. The cosmopolitan Valianou square is the jewel of the city, surrounded by cafeterias and beautiful trees. Drapanos Bridge stands imposing at the entrance of the city. Nowadays you can only cross it on foot whereas in the past you could also use your car. In Argostoli, you can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Historical and Folklore Museum and the “Korgialenios” library. You should also visit Koutavo lagoon and the Lighthouse of Agios Theodoros, in order to enjoy a unique sunset! The beaches that are close to Argostoli are Lassi beach, Makris and Platis Gialos and the beaches in Sami.


Lixouri is the second biggest village on the island of Kefalonia, 33 kilometres from Argostoli away. You can visit it either by bus, or by boat from the capital. Two of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan beaches of the region are Xi and Lepeda. The central square of the city, Square Petritsi, is full of cafeterias and restaurants, making the nightlife very interesting. Lixouri is famous for its music tradition and for the unique carnival, which takes place every year. Finally, do not forget to visit the Municipal library and the most important churches: the church of “Agios Nikolaos ton Xenon” and “Agia Triada” church.


The picturesque and quiet landscape of Fiskardo will charm you from the first moment! The cypresses, the lovely port and the traditional architecture of the houses will impress you! Fiskardo is situated at the northern part of Kefalonia, 50 kilometres from Argostoli away. It is the only village that was saved by the destroyable earthquake of 1953 and became a popular destination during the last few years. Hotels of all categories and restaurants, with special dish the lobster, are everywhere available. Apart from the numerous beautiful sandy beaches with spotless waters, you can also take a walk around the archaeological sites and mainly at the ruins of the Byzantine church.


Poros, the first central port of Kefalonia, is located south-west of the capital, 41 kilometres away. It is a small, lovely village, with rich vegetation, that combines harmoniously the mountain with the sea. The mythology connects Poros village with the hero Hercules. The monastery of Virgin Mary Atrou is the oldest one on the island, with a great religious importance. In case you visit it you will admire the panoramic view!


Sami is located at the Eastern coast of the island and is built by the sea. During the ancient times the initial city was built on the mountain in order to avoid the attacks of the pirates from the sea, so nowadays you can visit the ruins of the ancient Acropolis and enjoy the breathtaking view of the gulf of Sami. Sami is the main port of Kefalonia, 22 kilometres from Argostoli away. Besides the ancient Acropolis you can also visit some unique geological attractions which are in the area of Sami. Drogarati cave is a cave with stalactites and stalagmites, quite big and well preserved. Due to its structure the acoustic is exceptionally good, so many concerts take place there during the cultural events in summer. You can also visit Melissani cave which was revealed after the earthquake of 1953 when part of the roof fell off. There is a small lake formed in the cave and you can take the boat and have a round inside the cave and admire the emerald green waters and the stalactites which have unique and strange formations. The waters in Melissani are half salty coming from the sea and half coming from the wells in Katavothres. Sami has many beaches where you can swim. Firstly there is Sami beach which is a sandy well organised beach with water sport facilities, sunbeds and umbrellas as well as a camping place with a pool. There is also Antisamos beach which is a small pebbled beach with water sport facilities and amazing waters as well as an exciting sea bottom. The area is surrounded by two mountains which reach the sea and the view is splendid. In Sami you will find a variety of restaurants, cafes and commercial shops.

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