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Local Cuisine

Corfu, during the century of Renaissance, was an important point for the commercial transactions in Europe. Venetian domination influenced very much the way of life in the island. Of course, the local cuisine was influenced at a great degree by the Venetian cuisine. Today, Corfu's cuisine, maintains Venetian delicacies in combination with the Mediterranean diet. Corfu is famous for many, unique, delicious dishes, which are a great combination of Mediterranean cuisine (olive oil, pastas, vegetables, meat) and Venetian cuisine, cooked with local spicy recipes. We suggest you try some of the delicacies below:


It is a mixture of eggs, tomato, butter, salt, pepper and a little cognac and is served hot.


It is a sea dish and when it is cooked, it is maintained for at least 1 week, in clay pots. It includes fried fish, usually sardine, rosemary, garlic and vinegar.


It is a dish of Venetian origin and it contains beef meat, with white sauce, that is made by garlic, salt, pepper, white wine and vinegar.


It is the most popular dish in the island of Corfu and comes from the Venetian dish Spezzatino. Includes beef meat, with tomato sauce and is usually served with pastas.


On Corfu Island, are produced sausages, salamis, bacon and noumboula, from every kind of meat.

Koum Kouat

It is the fruit of a citrus Japanese tree (as the lemon here in Greece) and is the trademark Corfu. You can find liqueur or compotes from koum kouat, in many shops in the island.


It is a local sweet snack, which contains sesame, sugar, honey, almonds and rosewater.


It is a kind of Greek loykoymades (fried sweet with lot of sugar) and is made in Corfu as a traditional sweet, in the celebration of Saint Spyridon, who is the protector of the island.

Local Wine

Corfu, as all Ionian Islands, has a great climate, which favors the vineyards and for this, produces a great variety of white and red wines.

Recommended Restaurants of Corfu


In the centre of Corfu, you will meet the tavern Pelargos. It is a family tavern with a tradition of 32 years at home made dishes. The owners are very hospitable, the service rapid and the prices very reasonable. Do not omit to try a glass of exceptional wine, which is produced by the owners.


It is located in the beach of Agia Triada, in Palaiokastritsa. You will be impressed by the unique locality and the view to the sea. It serves all dishes of the local traditional cuisine and offers a big variety of wines, at very good prices.


In the region Barbati is situated one of the oldest taverns of the island. It is the definition of the traditional Greek tavern. During eating the special dishes of the island, you will hear traditional Greek music and you will enjoy the panoramic view to the most popular beaches.


Chrissi restaurant is probably the oldest in the island, because it exists since 1920. Its owner, lady Chrissi, is very friendly and willing to satisfy the gastronomy requirements of even the most difficult customers. Try the excellent pastitsada and sofrito.


In the south-eastern coast of Corfu, at the Nissaki, you can visit the tavern Vitamins. In a wonderful landscape, try tasty dishes and exceptional quality wine. If you want something different, far from the town, select it!


It is situated in distance of 6 kilometers from the beach Boykari and is one of the best taverns on Corfu Island. It serves a rich variety from fishes and seafood, and whatever you want to eat. The fishes are fresh and all dishes are delicious, cooked with spicy recipes. Special dish of the restaurant is the lobster and the prawns.


You will find it at Lemonia square, in the centre of the island. It is open from the morning, up to the evening and you should visit it, in order to taste dishes from the Greek and international cuisine in a very hospitable environment.


If you want to pass a special evening, in a special environment, you are in the suitable place. At Kremasti square near the old port is situated Venetian Well, ready to offer you a big variety of Greek and the Eastern cuisine. Menu changes constantly and you will have a hard time choosing between so many offerings.


The restaurant Eagle is located in the centre of Corfu, at Liston square. You can select among a great variety of starters and main dishes. You will have the chance to try all the traditional dishes of the island and all the typical Greek dishes, cooked in a unique way. The environment is very beautiful and the prices are very reasonable.

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