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Recommended places to eat in Athens


La Pasteria | 18 Tsakalof st. Kolonaki, tel: +30 210 3632032

Offering a large variety of pasta, antipasti and risotto dishes, La Pasteria made Italian cuisine a “must” for the Athenian public. Traditional Italian plates of high quality are served in reasonable prices. Open from 13.00 daily. Average price 18 – 20 euros.

Il Postino | 3 Grivaion st. Kolonaki, tel: +30 210 3641414

If you want to taste the original Italian carmponara, anchovies with pesto and goat cheese from Turin, Il Postino is the place you are looking for! In a cozy ambience, this simple Italian osteria serves homemade recipes. Open from noon. Average price 15 – 22 euros.

Pasta la Vista | 58 Voutadon st. Gazi, tel: +30 210 3462092

This modern trattoria with its funky decoration creates juicy and delicious pizzas with fresh ingredients, modern pasta compositions and offers a wide variety of wines. You will definitely enjoy the big portions! Open daily from noon. Average price 18 – 20 euros.

The Sushi Bar | 2 Stilvonos st, Varnava sq. Pagkrati, tel: +30 210 7524354

Using authentic Japanese materials, The Sushi Bar is definitely an alternative suggestion for dinning. Try the unique rolls filled with soya, seaweed, rise, wasabi and don’t forget to have a glass of sake. Open from noon. Average price 20-30euros.

Chez Lucien | 32 Troon st, Ano Petralona, tel: +30 210 3464236

A small traditional French bistrot situated in a charming Athenian neighborhood will impress you with its unique decoration and its original French repertoire. Chez Lucien offers a limited menu but your choice will be surely rewarded. Open from noon. Average price 13 20 euros.

Pil Poul et Jerome Serres | 51 Apostolou Pavlou & Poulopoulou st Theseion, tel: +30 210 3423665

With a romantic view to Acropolis and the artistic creations of Jerome Serres, Pil Poul is a unique proposition. Pil Poul’s team is serving French plates with inspirations from the Mediterranean cuisine and promises a special gastronomy experience. Closed on Sundays. Average price 60 – 80 euros.


Patata | 13 Ogygou & Lepeniotou st Psirri, tel: +30 210 3310730

A restaurant which adores potatoes and includes them in every creation. Try the original dishes which combine potato with various flavors. The highlights are the potato tart, served with duck or rooster and the potato salad with quince sauce. Closed on Mondays, serves lunch on Sundays. Average price 20 – 25 euros.

Apla | 135 Charilaou Trikoupi & Ekalis st Nea Erythraia, tel: +30 210 6203102

Situated in the northern suburbs of Athens, this cozy restaurant offers inspired propositions which remind Greek summer nights. Aromatic herbs and familiar creations are accompanied by tasteful wines. Sundays only for lunch. Average price 40 – 60 euros.

The Olive Garden | 52 Panepistimiou st. Athens, tel: +30 210 3838511

Situated in the roof garden of Titania Hotel, surrounded by olive trees, The Olive Garden has received many awards for its creations. The Olive Garden serves Mediterranean dishes enriched with some exotic details. Closed on Mondays. Average Price 40 - 50 euros.

Hytra | 7 Navarxou Apostoli st Psirri, tel: +30 210 3316767

Housed in a minimal but warm environment, Hytra serves a wide variety of seafood such as squids, fish, octopus and oysters accompanied by basil, fresh tomato sauces and olive oils. A true gastronomy trip to the deep blue Aegean Sea. Closed on Mondays. Average price 37-55 euros.

Tilemachos BBQ Club | 22 Fragkopoulou & M. Mpotsari st Kifissia, tel: +30 210 8076680

Serving traditional Greek dishes, Tilemachos, has always meat in the epicenter, hidden with sauces and complex flavors. Meat soups, beef plates, traditional lamp and various filets are perfectly combined with delicious South African wines. Closed on Mondays. Average price 25 – 35 euros.

Kallisti | 137 Asklepeiou st. Neapolis, tel: +30 210 6445476

In a neoclassical building of Asklepeiou Street you can taste unique creations from Chios gum, spinach and mint sauces and fresh vegetables. Don’t forget to try the specialties mashed aubergine and buffalo burger. Closed on Mondays. Average price 24 – 30 euros.

Yantes | 44 Valtetsiou st. Exarcheia, tel: +30 210 3301369

One of the few restaurants in Athens that uses mostly biological ingredients. You can try at Yantes traditional juicy stuffed tomatoes, roasted sardines and the rich, appetizing rucolla – parmezana salad. Open from noon. Average price 16 – 30 euros.


Mamaca’s | 41 Persefonis st. Gazi, tel: +30 210 3464984

A tavern that gives the feeling of a Greek island due to the white wood used for decoration, Mamaca’s serves traditional homemade dishes. Try the grilled spicy feta, the anchovies with garlic sauce and the meat plates with oregano. Open from noon. Average price 22-35 euros.

Fasoli | 45 Emmenouel Benaki st. Exarcheia, tel: +30 210 3300010

This modern tavern serves fresh salads with balsamiko and honey dressing, roasted meat plates with exotic garnitures and delicious pasta dishes. Fasoli is among the first choices for a lunch break as the value for money ratio is remarquable. Closed on Sundays. Average price 15-18 euros.

Bakaliarakia | 41 Kydathinaion st. Plaka, tel +30 210 3225084

Situated in the picturesque district of Plaka this restaurant with a cult ambience serves fried cod prepared with a secret family recipe as well as various other dishes. Bakaliarakia is famous for its folklore decoration. Closed on Mondays. Average price 18-20 euros.

Barbara’s Food Company | 63-65 Emmanouel Benaki st. Exarcheia, tel: +30 210 3805004

Choose your dish from the vitrine and ask for help the friendly stuff. Try the chicken salad with groat, spicy bamboo pork and the spaghetti plates accompanied by juicy sauces. Barbara’s Food Company always serves large portions. Open from noon. Average price 10-14 euros.

Rozalia | 59 Valtetsiou st. Exarcheia, tel: +30 2103821685

In the heart of Athens, surrounded by a green yard, Rozalia serves traditional Greek plates cooked with the freshest ingredients. You should definitely try the variety of sixteen appetizers as well as a meat or a fish dish. Open from noon. Average price 12- 15 euros.

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