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Agios Nikolaos is the capital of Lassithi, the fourth prefecture of Crete, located on the eastern part of the island, which covers an area of 1818 sq km. The whole area is full of sandy beaches, small islands scattered around the crystal clear waters, and green valleys with picturesque villages. Due to its mild climate throughout the year and its excellent beaches, Lassithi hosts some of the best hotel resorts on the island.

Agios Nikolaos

The city of Agios Nikolaos is the capital, as well as the administrative and cultural center of Lassithi prefecture. The hub of the city is a beautiful lake which is not actually a lake, as it is connected to the sea via a small canal. The lake is very deep and rumor has it that it is bottomless. Agios Nikolaos offers a variety of taverns, pubs, bars and modern accommodation. Agios Nikolaos used to be a party city, but this is not the case any more. Nowadays, this charming place is ideal for couples of any age and families. It sometimes gets quite crowded (especially in the area around Elounda) during summer, but you can always find a quiet beach. In Agios Nikolaos you will have the most comfortable holidays, enjoying the excellent climate, the modern accommodation and the Cretan hospitality.


Sitia is a very beautiful small town on the northern coast of Crete, in Sitia bay. Sitia has the best harbor in East Crete, as well as a small airport serving few regular flights from Athens and Thessaloniki. It is a town with high archaeological interest, as it is located on the ruins of an ancient city. It is built in amphitheater style, protected from the East by a hill and from the West by a bay. Around the port you will find plenty of restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars, most of them owned by locals. Sandy beaches can be found very easily around. Some of them are very popular, while others are only known to the locals. In this pleasant town full of olive trees, there are all categories of hotels, covering a wide price range. Sitia is not as crowded as Agios Nikolaos. Enjoy the amazing beaches and the fabulous colours of the sky during sunset and sunrise.


Ierapetra, the most southern town of Europe, enjoys the mildest, almost rainless weather. In this town, the sunniest resort inagios nikolaos dive Europe, you can experience the busy sounds of everyday Cretan life. The town center is quite lively, ideal for a stroll around the scenic narrow streets of Kato Mera (the old town of Ierapetra). Ierapetra has retained the character and the warmth of old neighbourhoods, but it can also offer a complete shopping and dining experience. There are plenty of shops, open air cafes, taverns, restaurants and bars. Accommodation varies from luxurious hotels to small apartments that suit every taste and budget. Ierapetra is built on the longest beach in Crete. Ierapetra is an ideal place for relaxation, walks, shopping and eating the Cretan way.


Elounda is a world famous tourist resort, 10km from Agios Nikolaos away. Elounda consists of 7 villages scattered on the northern coastline of Crete, inside the Mirambello gulf. Take full advantage of Elounda’s extended coastline: sunbathe on its shaded beaches and swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters. Enjoy this tranquil and heavenly environment and the view to the marvelous Mirambello gulf and Spinaloga island. In Elounda you will find some of Greeces' most luxurious hotels and resorts famous all around the world.

Nearby Villages

Near Agios Nikolaos there are plenty of small traditional villages, most of them situated in valleys with lush vegetation. In most of these villages you will find basic accommodation and a few good places to eat or have a drink. Archaeological sites of the Minoan or Venetian era are scattered everywhere.

Some of these villages are:

  • Agathias Palekastrou
  • Anatoli: 14km from Ierapetra away. Semi-mountainous village, full of pine trees.
  • Makrigialos: located on the southern coast, east of Ierapetra.
  • Neapoli:12km from Agios Nikolaos is a mountainous village with countless olive trees. Quite cool even during mid summer.
  • Pahia Ammos - North of Ierapetra: Featuring a spectacular gorge with rich flora and fauna, this village is suitable for paragliding and parapente.
  • Mohlos: It is a tiny island east of the Gulf of Mirambello. You can go there by a small boat from Sitia.
  • Agios Georgios-14 km from Sitia (on the road to Ierapetra): A village of great archaeological interest and rare natural beauty. Slopes, gorges and caves make up a fascinating scenery. Natural pools of water offer the village lush vegetation.
  • Agia Fotia - 4 km east of Sitia: Found on the coastal road from Sitia to Vai, this small town has an amazing beach.
  • Paleokastro -19 km from Sitia: Paleokastro is Crete’s most eastern part. The biggest village in the area of Sitia has subtropical but not too hot (due to the cooling summer winds) climate. Beautiful seashores compose a perfect landscape.
  • Kalo Horio: A combination of hills, sandy beaches, narrow alleys and hospitable locals.

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